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April 11, 2013 Vice Chancellor/Provost meeting

Attending:  Dan Barmmer, Gena Carter, Yvonne Dunlap, Karol Kain Gray, John Gullo, Brenda Malone, Carol Tresolini, Anna Wu

Brenda Malone called the meeting to order at 10 a.m.  Dan Barmmer noted concerns from some in Facilities Services about the electronic sign-in for departmental parking notices.  He noted questions about billables from employees in departments that use this method.  Many of these employees must get their ONYEN identification updated.  Anna Wu noted the e-mail migration in Facilities Services and the move to PeopleSoft.  Gena Carter said that not all Facilities Services employees have or use their ONYENs.  Anna Wu thought that the parking pass registration system needs simplifying.  Jackie Overton said that Public Safety keeps a computer in its lobby for these employees.  Overton noted the imperative to cut costs, which in many cases means moving to electronic systems.  Wu said that these employees are often conscious of non-billable time.  She said she would consult with the parking coordinator.  Karol Kain Gray asked that a letter of communication go out on this subject.  Barmmer asked how employees who have let their ONYENs expire can reinstate them.  Overton said that employees must go to the Undergraduate Library or SASB and show identification if their ONYEN has expired over 3-4 cycles.

John Gullo noted the furor over e-mail privacy regarding administrators reading faculty e-mail at Harvard University.  He suggested that the University issue a communication letting employees know the appropriate use of e-mail.  Karol Kain Gray noted that e-mail at UNC is public information, even if conducted on one’s own equipment.  Carol Tresolini noted that even personal e-mail used for University business has been ruled public information.  Jackie Overton recalled that ITS sends out a bulletin with its policy.  Brenda Malone noted that there is no expectation of privacy.  She would double-check the policy.  Gena Carter commented that the policy should be in the Human Resources handbook.  She hoped to have the handbook ready to show to Forum delegates soon.  She noted that administrative changes will lead to changes in the handbook.  Gray said that the Harvard case is not analogous to UNC as Harvard if a private institution.

There was a question about the impact of the federal sequester on University operations.  Karol Kain Gray said that Vice Chancellor for Research Barbara Entwisle had estimated an approximate $28 million decrease related to the sequester for the University.  She said that the full impact will not be known for another few months.  Gray said that she would send a communication to Jackie Overton regarding Entwisle’s presentation.  Dan Barmmer noted that the Board of Governors was meeting today.  Gray said that the Legislature had pushed back its budget two weeks recently.  Gray noted concerns about the Legislative drive to reduce University-controlled repair and renovation monies from 50% to 30% of total budgeted.  Overton commented that a recent talk by Budget Director Art Pope had been very informative.  She noted his argument that the North Carolina State Constitution is not bound to give its citizens free education if the State does not have the money.  She recalled his statement that more students should obtain higher education at community colleges.  Pope had also opined that there should be a cap on enrollment at larger System universities in order to push students to other, smaller System institutions.  He also offered that some community college degrees, namely in nursing and information technology, had become more valuable than some four-year degrees.

Brenda Malone said that the ITS acceptable network use policy is available on the ITS website.  She said that this is the most direct way to access the policy.  Jackie Overton noted a new legislative bill that would make anything created while at University employment University property.   Carol Tresolini noted questions about faculty rights to intellectual property with the creation of on-line courses, among other concerns.  Dan Barmmer noted concerns about a bill that would allow the Governor to decide what information he would share concerning the State’s intellectual property.  John Gullo wondered about the impact of this policy on federal grants.  Malone said that State laws are not authorized to conflict with the federal government.

Anna Wu noted that Housekeeping is evolving from an elected group to an opportunity for anyone to participate in a roundtable.  She said that the department had drawn numbers and offered all a chance to twice a year share comments and concerns.  She noted that these roundtables were not established to handle specific conflicts.  There had been three or four meetings, one with crew leaders.  There had been good open conversations at these meetings, Wu said.  Wu noted some issues with insuring that translators were present at all the meetings.  She said that the department was working to get minutes transcribed, translated, and posted.  Brenda Malone said that these meetings had been a nice representation of the work done.  Wu said that there would be one final employee survey by PRM.  Malone noted that Rosetta Stone individual training along with Orange County Literacy training is taking place in Housekeeping.  She noted that common documents are being posted in every zone office.  Gena Carter said that crew leader training is underway with 3-4 sessions having taken place.  Karol Kain Gray noted that Burmese employees have been promoted to crew leader, underscoring the opportunities for growth available.  Gena Carter praised Housekeeping Director Darius Dixon’s work to build community.  She commented that the area has completely transformed itself in the last two years.

Brenda Malone thanked all involved for their steady work in this area.  She granted that not everyone will be happy, but the University had worked to create an environment in which people feel they can bring their concerns and issues.  Karol Kain Gray commented that it was difficult to react to anonymous letters and in fact the department now refused to do so.  Anna Wu noted that recruitment had restored ten permanent positions to Housekeeping which had also made a big difference.  Malone noted that when the University decided to deal with the concerns in Housekeeping, it recognized relations were not as good as they should have been.  Thus, the University worked on partnering and providing the services necessary.  She commented that Chris Chiron had worked well as a liaison between Human Resources and Housekeeping.  (Chiron returned to Human Resources physically April 1.)  Darius Dixon has also built a very good team.  Gena Carter said that Housekeeping was now in a maintain and sustain mode.  She noted that Dixon has a very difficult job.  Anna Wu said that there has been buy-in, respect, and accountability in Housekeeping.  She expected a few more bumps in the road, but she said that Housekeeping now has vision, values, and clear expectations.

Jackie Overton commented that the Housekeeping resolution was the thing she was most proud to have accomplished during her term as Chair.  She said that she had been very busy with duties since she had been diagnosed with cancer last year.  She was relieved that the Chancellor’s search committee work was nearing a close.  Overton noted that she had needed to work 21 straight days at one point attending meetings on weekends and working in order to keep up with her duties.  Brenda Malone commented that many things have improved these last couple of years.  She praised the Forum and the many people committed to the future of the institution.

The group discussed the question of how often to meet in the future eventually agreeing to meet every two months with time reserved every month to meet when necessary.  The group agreed to meet again in May then start meeting every two months starting in August.

In the absence of further discussion, the meeting adjourned at 11 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Matt Banks, Recording Secretary

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