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Community Service Committee Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

11:30 AM – 12:30PM

Hitchcock Multipurpose Room, Sonja H. Stone Center


I.  Welcome/Introductions [[11:30-11:35]]

-Solicitation of Secretary for Meetings

-Arlene has agreed to serve in this capacity


II.  Community Service Leave Promotion Campaign Update [[11:35-11:40]]

-Rescheduled meeting with OHR to begin promotional campaign in the 2017-2018 academic year for September 25, 2017 from 3:30-4:30

-Current Attendees: Katie Musgrove, Kim Allen, Dori Brady,

OHR Representatives

-Any other attendees? Possibly Arlene; Jim Potts

-CCCG Promotional Video- Alyssa LaFaro searching for J-School Student to shoot this and other shots to include as a part of the CSL Promotional Campaign



III. Breakout Groups- Planning our Future Events for 2017-2018 [[11:45-12:20]]


Food Drive Collaboration with Million Meals Campaign

-Introduced Banks Shepherd with Tar Heel Sports Properties

-Food drive events will be held at:

-Military Appreciation/ Employee Appreciation Football Game – UNC vs. Western Carolina, November 18th

-Tar Heel Town Contact: Neal Franzer (

– Booth/table In Tar Heel Town (in quad) will have some giveaways from Athletics

-Available for volunteer @ event: Jim Potts, anyone else?


-Employee Appreciation Day (October 20, 2017)

– Rich offered 2 Western Carolina tickets; sign up for drawing when donating food at Employee Appreciation

-Volunteers for table at Employee Appreciation already taken care of


-Future Events

-Employee Appreciation Basketball Games in the spring

-Military Appreciation Basketball Game in the spring

-Other future events can be planned at future meetings




-All donations to contribute to the Million Meals Campaign (which we contributed to last year with our 2 week campus wide food drive)

-Supports people in this part of NC (donations go to Food Bank of Central & Eastern NC)


-Carolina Cupboard Donation? (Percentage of donations at each event)

-Supports UNC students

-Total amount all counted for Million Meals (both to Cupboard & FBCENC)

-Last year 10% Carolina Cupboard, This year 25%


-Bins throughout campus:

-Dory: asked about boxes around campus; alas logistics was difficult so we won’t do the same scale as last year;

-Dory suggested competitive giving between buildings, like what Business School did

-Dory suggests year round bins, permanent, develop list of potential locations of particular significance from last year’s drive

-This can be done in small batches with area lead to contact food bank when bins are full

-Will discuss locations and bin liaisons for these campus bins at October meeting


-Volunteers for Project Leads- Jim Potts, Allison Rorie, Linda Glasco, Katie Musgrove


-Graphic Design Options for Football vs. Other Events –

-Katie will work with Banks Shepherd with Tar Heel Sports Properties to develop these

– New flyer with all of event drives, online donation info, and if we do campus locations

-Flyers: 1 for Food Drive in general and 1 specifically for Football events (that removes reference to Million Meals due to sponsorship conflicts)


-Website/Hashtag Creation –


-Hashtag: #UNCFoodForAll


[Fliers/ website will be available prior to October meeting]


-Box Preparation, Pickup & Storage –

-Banks & Tar Heel Sports Properties will provide the bins prior to each event (except for Employee Appreciation, which we will need to bring)

-Storing donations after events for pickup on a weekday—

-Bonita Brown with Carolina Union will inquire about temporary storage of donations after each event until pickup by FBCENC on a weekday

-Arlene: With permanent installations, need to talk to facilities to discuss safety, etc.

-Banks says he might get his staff to move items via personal cars on Sunday if necessary


-Publicizing Methods:

-InTouch, Staff Listservs, OHR Employee Appreciation Day Communications, Twitter, Facebook, Carolina Athletics Communications & Social Media, etc.

-Need to be creative: Publix vs Harris Teeter sponsorship

-Will further discuss pub methods at October meeting


-Poster creation for donation booth

-Katie will liaise with Forum assistant to create this once graphic design is available


-Alternative donation methods:

-Banks: technology to ease logistics; donations via technology instead of physical goods

-Asked Shayna: it’s tricky, fundraising is not approved, but work with Fajack’s Campus Enterprises, competition to create an app to do something

-Banks: There is an app by Harris teeter to donate directly to NC Food Bank, we can publicize that

-Shayna: We can share that info, that’s not considered fundraising

-Dory: Can VIC cards be linked to Food Bank or Carolina cupboard, like elementary schools are?

-Banks will look into it.



Habitat for Humanity Collaborations

-Thein Oo’s home was awarded at a ceremony on September 16, 2017

-Volunteers for Project Leads- Heather Lewis, Ashley Jacobs,

-Not present, but event is planned for spring so we’ll table this for now

-Scheduling another build day (next spring?)

-Home sponsorship for another deserving UNC Staff Member in 2018-2019?

-~$80,000 fundraising necessary to sponsor whole cost

-Could be sponsored by multiple UNC groups?


Toy Drive for UNC Children’s Hospital

-UNC Children’s hospital reached out to us last year to possibly host a toy drive prior to the holiday season

-Volunteers for Project Leads- Michele Fulton, Steve Bodeen, Allison Rorie, Hope Woodhouse

-Project Leads will meet on October 4 at 10:30 AM before our wider meeting to discuss this project including:

-Publicizing, Collecting and handing off to liaison (Children’s Hospital);

-Bonita asked if there’ a list of specific toys

-List provided by UNC Children’s representative after meeting

-Event drives? Bins?

-Pet food/pet toy drive too?


-Other Ideas


            -UNC Staff Volunteers at Dance Marathon (Spring)

                        -Volunteers for Project Leads: Linda Glasco


-Special Olympics of Orange County Publicizing/Support Throughout the Year

-Volunteers for Project Leads: Jim Potts

-Jim will send draft of volunteer solicitation to publicize via InTouch; pictures, words, links


Update on other business [[12:20-12:25]]


Blood Drive Update- Ricky Roach

-Date for next blood drive/ Strategies for this committee’s involvement

-Dec 12th in Fetzer, tentative June 5th in Dean Dome

-WCHL is a sponsor

-Red Cross looking for spotlight story, send story ideas to Katie or Ricky


CCCG Update- Arlene Medder

-Arlene- Go ahead and plan for an Earth Day workday sponsored by the Forum; Arlene will work on that

-CCCG Promotional Video- Alyssa LaFaro looking for J-School volunteer to shoot this and other shots to include as a part of the CSL Promotional Campaign


Questions/Final Comments [[12:25-12:30]]

-Next meeting is Oct 4th, usual time

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