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Personnel Issues Committee Minutes

Friday, September 18, 2015

2010 FedEx Global Education Center


Present: Chrissie Greenberg (chairperson), Clare Counihan, Shayna Hill, Chris Powe, Kirk Montgomery, John Williams and Ben Triplett


Absent: Jo-Ann Blake, James Holman, Susan Lucas, David Fraley and Barbara Williams


  • Adjourn
  • Chairperson Needed for Staff Relations, Policies & Practices Sub-Committee
    1. Members in attendance were unable to volunteer for the position at this time.
  • Student Stores Privatization Proposal
    1. The university received an unsolicited bid to privatize Student Stores.
    2. Member noted that Student Stores profits go to student scholarships.
    3. Member commented that Student Stores employs 49 staff members, as well as student workers.
    4. Members questioned the terms of proposed $3 million scholarship agreement in the unsolicited Follet bid.
  • Temporary Employees and the 32-day mandatory break
    1. Discussion was tabled due to the absence of James Holman, who initially raised the issue.
    2. Each committee member will inquire of their own home units regarding possible existing HR issues surrounding temporary employees.
  • Pre-Discussion
  • Welcome and outstanding issues from previous meetings
    1. A class & comp expert still needs to be identified and asked to review the 10% salary cap resolution and letter; Shayna Hill’s contact has left the University; Kirk Montgomery will submit the documents to one of his System contacts for review.
  • Letter to Chancellor Folt Concerning 10% Pay Raise Limitation
    1. The most recent draft of the letter was read aloud by the chairperson.
    2. Members suggested minor spelling and grammatical edits, as well as some changes in terminology.
    3. Members discussed their understanding of terms such as market rate, competency band and classification band.
    4. The conversation then moved to finalizing the language of the suggested actions.
    5. Clare Counihan will make edits based on today’s discussion and circulate the draft by email.
    6. The chairperson suggested completing edits in time to submit the letter and associated resolution to the Executive Committee for their October 20th This timeframe would allow for a first reading at the November full Forum meeting.
  •  Budget
    1. The committee’s proposed budget of $600 was approved by the Executive Committee.
    2. The chairperson noted that the staff survey has been delayed until spring, causing her to inquire whether some funds should be returned.
    3. Members briefly discussed sponsoring a supplemental table during Staff Appreciation Day.
    4. Members suggested using some funds in conjunction with the possible reinstatement of the Chancellor’s Task Force for a Better Workplace.
  • Next meeting: October 16, 2015 at 1:00 p.m. in 1203 Global FedEx Education Building.


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