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EF Personnel Issues Committee – 2016-09-08


3rd shift HVAC – See AVC notes. Does this resolve issue? Better communications about requests to Facility Services? Ask EHS about environmental monitors. Need to find balance between “sustainability” in energy savings and staff care. Darius had staff do a study about environmental conditions. One building exceeded the 83ºF limit. Older, dumber unit. Put in request to adjust that one building. Big issue is standards are different for occupied vs. unoccupied. And how much discomfort is worth the dollars saved. Can we get a dollar amount from F&A? Complaints need to go through the chain of command. Need to make requests! Continue conversation going into winter and next summer. Transparency in dollars saved. 3rd shift get 10% premium for time shift. Ben report out.


Diversity Survey Data – See AVC notes. Continue to push for this. Will be released this semester. 3rd party has data. UNC probably won’t ever claim. Need to make targeted requests. Need to understand what the chain for this request is. Want to get the questions out of the instrument. Ask Kathy Bryant about this. Phil will do.


Supervisory Reviews – New Annual Appraisal Forms, Supervisory weight and guidance. Wait listed for training. Raise at the EF meeting with Linc. Best effort request? Other HR trainings and wait listed.




New training for supervisors – Annual Appraisal – Challenges with the new form. Deadlines and training availability dates.


Clare needs to contact a zone manager about a lactation space and wants to know if there’s a protocol. Ben says no. Just contact them.


One card monitoring for lactation room to audit usage to encourage more rooms. All lactation rooms have changing tables. Clare can talk about to the people building out the building guidelines. List is on Women’s center website. New campus map vendor was amenable to add gender neutral restrooms. Can we request that lactation rooms as well. Ask about adding feedback form.


Request audit of changing tables in buildings from facilities services.


Campus wide wellness initiative. Next steps. Lauren Mangili (Senior Associate Director) include in meeting with Penny and Katie. Had been talk about workshops about “fitness at your desk.” Campus Rec puts this on. Daniella Serna. Housekeeping does fitness breaks through Campus Rec or another group to talk about light non-impact exercises. Training crew leaders to lead in their zones. Emphasize ability for people to participate that don’t have privilege of taking a day.


Ben sent Gina a request about meeting about supervisory feedback.


Clare’s hobby horse. Campus dining aren’t university employees. CDS employees don’t get EF representation or commuter passes. Paying for bus passes. Is there a way for EF to make the argument to HR that we should get CDS eligible for CAPS program. Phil says we had this worked out with Barnes and Noble. Can this be extended to CDS?


Bryan C. Andregg

IT Security & Systems Manager

Instructional & Information Systems

UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health

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