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Your Call to Serve

  • Are you concerned about policies and how they affect University employees?
  • Do you have the desire to speak for and represent your fellow staff members on certain issues?
  • Is service to the University something in which you are interested?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, come join the Employee Forum!

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Employee Forum delegates are elected in the spring of each year.

  • Delegates must be nominated. Self-nominations are allowed.
  • Nominations should be completed by March 17, 2023 for full consideration in the election. Nominations submitted after that date may be considered on a rolling basis, depending on open slots in the Forum.
  • Nominated candidates should consult with their supervisors before accepting nomination, taking into consideration a requirement of 8 hours per month over a two year period (counts as work time).
  • After nomination and supervisor permission, members of each division vote for their representatives.
  • Newly elected delegates attend orientation in April.
  • Appointments begin officially on May 1st and end on the following June 30th of the indicated year (usually a 2-year term).


What does it mean to be a delegate?

As described in the Delegate Handbook:

  • Delegates engaged in regularly scheduled Employee Forum activities that take place during their regular work schedule will report such activity as work time.
  • Supervisors and managers shall support participation, including permitting necessary release time for activities.
  • Delegates shall attend all monthly Employee Forum meetings, community meetings, committee meetings and the Annual Retreat. It is the responsibility of each delegate to be aware of the needs and concerns of those whom he or she represents. Each delegate must present to the Employee Forum those items that are pertinent to his or her electoral division or to the University as a whole.


Nominate yourself or another employee for election to the Forum now!




Contact the Forum at or your delegate.