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Proclamation 22-01

Concerning Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization




September 7, 2022

WHEREAS, it is the mission of the Employee Forum to represent, advocate for, and support over 9,000 Employees of the University of North Carolina – each with a variety of beliefs, values, and experiences –while constructively addressing and reporting their concerns; and,

WHEREAS, the Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization has reversed 50 years of legal precedent and eliminated constitutional legal protections of personal bodily autonomy that generations of women, pregnant people, and people who may become pregnant have lived with their entire lives; and,

WHEREAS, we recognize that comprehensive reproductive services, including abortion care, are essential healthcare, and that access without excessive government restriction, is central to an individual’s ability to participate equally in society[1]; and,

WHEREAS, we recognize that restrictions on reproductive health, rights, and justice are not new – for many, access to abortion care has always been a right in name only; dependent on their race, how much money they have, their health insurance status, where they work, and their ZIP code. We recognize that the Dobbs’ decision to restrict access to abortion care services further disproportionately impacts people who already face systemic discrimination and have limited health care access, BIPOC communities, people in rural communities, immigrants, people with disabilities, the LGBTQ+ community, young people, and people struggling to make ends meet; and,

WHEREAS, at this time, North Carolinians still have legal access to reproductive services, including abortion only up to 20 weeks of pregnancy[2], though clinics are only available in nine of the 100 counties in North Carolina— we recognize that the new state-by-state approach has created uncertainty around access to healthcare[3]in North Carolina; and,

WHEREAS, uncertainty surrounding reproductive healthcare may also impact the University’s ability to recruit and retain talented staff, faculty, and students; and,

WHEREAS, this comes at a time when the Carolina Women’s Center is not fully staffed; and,

WHEREAS, we see and hear the confusion, fear, anger, and sorrow across campus, and recognize this is compounded by the ongoing pandemic, mental-health crisis, and staff shortages; and

WHEREAS, there are varied reactions to the Supreme Court decision, our goal is to support those members of our community adversely impacted by the Dobbs’ decision; therefore,

BE IT PROCLAIMED that the Employee Forum commits itself to advocating for access to comprehensive, quality healthcare, including the full spectrum of reproductive services, for all Employees; and affirms our community members’ right to make personal decisions that impact how they live their lives; and,

BE IT FURTHER PROCLAIMED we recognize the quickly changing nature of these issues and will monitor the local impact of the Supreme Court decision, while seeking ways to advocate for and support members of our community. If you have concerns or see changes that negatively impact your ability to participate in the campus workforce, please contact us.



Katie Musgrove



[1] Ectopic pregnancy and other pregnancy complications can threaten lives without abortion care.

[2] Abortion access diminishes in NC after federal judge reinstates 20-week ban

[3] not just for women and people capable of becoming pregnant, but those with other conditions (e.g., ulcers, lupus, arthritis, psoriasis, and other autoimmune disorders) who depend on drugs like methotrexate that can also be used as an abortion medication.