This committee develops policy for the Educational Assistance Program and recommendations to the Forum about use of the Staff Training and Development Fund. The committee also develops recommendations about programs for Employee training and development and serves as an advisory Committee to the Human Resources Training and Development department.

To contact any of the delegates listed below, please consult the University directory on-line.

Committee Members

Name Department Term Ends
Tammy Cox School of Information & Library Science 2015
Tiffany Carver School of Social Work 2015
Andy Eaker—Chair Pediatrics 2016
Teresa Etscovitz Dental Research 2016
Oscar Fleming FPG 2015
Maggie Grant Carolina Women’s Center 2015
Shane Hale University Library 2016
Victoria Hammett School of Pharmacy 2016
Matt McKirahan School of Government 2015
Christopher Powe Human Resources 2016
Samara Reynolds School of Law 2016
Charles Streeter Student Affairs 2015
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