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2021-2022 Annual Report of the Employee Forum

October 3, 2022

2021-2022 Annual Report of the Employee Forum      2021-2022 Officers/Staff   Chair Katie Musgrove Vice Chair Keith Hines Secretary Tiffany Carver Treasurer Tracy Wetherby-Williams Parliamentarian Kevin Robinson/Jacob Womack Program Manager/Recording Secretary Matthew Banks UNC System Staff Assembly Delegates Katie … Continued

2021-22 Communications and Public Relations Annual Report

September 29, 2022

Employee Forum Annual Report 2021-2022 This committee publishes InTouch, the Employee Forum’s monthly newsletter, and maintains the Employee Forum’s website and social media accounts. The committee also works to increase staff engagement and comradery through the annual Scavenger Hunt and Employee … Continued

2021-22 Community Service Committee Annual Report

August 23, 2022

Active Committee Members: Tracy Wetherby-Williams, Arlene Medder, Cheyanne Ritz, Rich Brandenburg, Myka Elliott, Jen DeNeal, Amber Mead, Tarah Burnett, Dori Brady, Mary King, Alicia Brandt, Katie Musgrove, Jacob Womack (Chair) This year the primary focus has been on drives, due … Continued

2021-22 Education and Career Dev Committee Annual Report

August 23, 2022

Active committee members: Natasha Hanks, Randall Borror, James Stamey, Ayla Ocasio, Joe Ormond, Shayla Evans-Hollingsworth, Sharron Bouquin, Tracey Wiley, L.E. Alexander (Co-chair), Laura Pratt (Co-chair) This year’s committee focused on two primary responsibilities: Professional Development Grants and the Carolina Family … Continued

2021-22 Personnel Issues Comm Annual Report

August 23, 2022

I. Introduction The Personnel Issues Committee hears, elevates, and helps address staff concerns from across the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Staff connect with the committee through their delegate representatives, the anonymous reporting feature on the Forum website, … Continued

2021-22 Recognition and Awards Committee Annual Report

August 23, 2022

Recognition and Awards Committee 2021-2022 Report  Active committee members: David Bragg, Adrianne Gibilisco, Lonnie Hawley, Arlene Medder, Katie Musgrove, Ayla Ocasio, Kelly Scurlock-Cross, Lori Shamblin, Julie Theriault, Jacob Womack, Matt Banks (non-voting member), Tiffany Carver (Co-chair), Laura Pratt (Co-Chair)  This … Continued