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Community Service Committee 2022-2023 Report

              Active Committee Members: Rebecca Howell, Theresa Silsby, Amber Meads, Tracy Wetherby-Williams, Arlene Medder, Jacob Womack (Chair)


This year the primary focus has been on drives, due mostly to changing conditions as the worst of the pandemic passed, with continued limitations in person volunteer opportunities.  We did continue supporting the EF’s Carolina Blood Drive (sub-committee chaired by Amber Mead and Laura Pratt) and the Carolina Community Garden (Arlene Medder, Liaison), both of which faced challenges due to the pandemic effects.


  • In our August meeting collected a list of possible projects for the year. This is the seed for future projects as well and includes contact information for the organizations involved.


  • Carolina Cupboard Food Drive

In cooperation with Edible Campus and Carolina Dining, coordinated a food drive to benefit the Carolina Cupboard. The food continued to be collected past the date Carolina Cupboard closed for the semester so the food was delivered in January. Over 750 food items were donated!

  • Family Sponsorship

In November, Committee made the decision to support a family or elder member of the community in need. We consulted with the School of Social Work about opportunities to support kids for the winter holidays. Through them, we made contact with Orange County Department of Social Services, and learned they start their drive in October. They provided the wish lists of two children. Despite the short collection window, books, clothes, toys, and grocery store gift cards, amounting to about $412, were delivered to the Department of Social Services in Hillsborough to be wrapped and delivered.

  • Interfaith Food Shuttle

This March we re-created the March Kindness Drive benefiting the Interfaith Food Shuttle. They have the option to set up a virtual drive with our name and images. Tracy Wetherby-Williams revamped last year’s March Kindness poster with updated information. Raised $825 to benefit Interfaith Food Shuttle.

  • As part of the support for the Carolina Community Garden, continued to publicize the service element and Arlene Medder supported Claire Lorch in putting together a survey to send to campus staff. Arlene also updated the distribution and volunteer tracking charts for Claire Lorch.