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Resolution 24-01, Honoring Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz



January 10, 2024


WHEREAS, the Mission of the Employee Forum is to constructively address the concerns of the employees of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and,


WHEREAS, these concerns include the recognition of individuals who have distinguished themselves in service to the University community, and to encourage similar achievement among the remainder of the community’s members; and,


WHEREAS, when the accomplishments of an individual are combined with an extraordinary application of power and influence on behalf of the employees of our University, true leadership requires a fitting acknowledgment; and,


WHEREAS, in matters of great significance, this individual has demonstrated commitment, courage, and respect in creating a safer and more inclusive environment for staff, faculty, and students of this University; and,


WHEREAS, these matters include, but are not limited to, leadership in the design and implementation of the University’s new strategic plan, Carolina Next: Innovations for Public Good, which highlights Carolina’s key priorities, including Build Our Community Together, Enable Career Development, Promote Democracy, Serve to Benefit Society, and Optimize Operations, amongst others; and,


WHEREAS, in support of the first and leading strategic initiative of Carolina Next: Innovations for Public Good, Build Our Community Together, this individual successfully created the History, Race, and a Way Forward Commission, led the efforts to install the James Lewis Cates Memorial in The Pit, and oversaw the renaming of buildings, including what is now the Henry Owl Building and the Hortense McClinton Residence Hall, all of which have been steps on the journey to racial healing and reconciliation, and a reminder that the University has more work to do; and,


WHEREAS, during a time of great uncertainty and fear, this individual led our community forward as we weathered the COVID-19 global pandemic, including transitioning our campus to remote working and learning for the first time in our 230-year history, navigating competing interests while first and foremost ensuring the health and safety of the entire campus community; and,


WHEREAS, through multiple traumatic incidents, the tragic deaths of colleagues and several students during their tenure, and an ongoing national crisis of mental health in higher education, this individual has continually prioritized supporting the entire University community’s mental health through the creation of various mental health summits, well-being days, wellness programming, and the Heels Care Network hub; and,

WHEREAS, this individual has routinely consulted with and supported the Employee Forum in his duties as Chancellor of our University, as demonstrated through the following: his re-establishment of the Employee Forum’s historic place under him on the University’s organizational chart, his regular attendance at Forum meetings, his continued collaboration with the Forum Chair and its leaders, his rapid response to ideas of Forum delegates with displays of action, and his continued elevation of staff voices in his decision making as Chancellor; and,


WHEREAS, beyond his support of the Employee Forum, this individual further espoused the ideals of shared governance by creating the Staff Advisory Committee to the Chancellor (STACC) to mirror other similar advisory groups within the faculty and student bodies, as well as the Campus and Community Advisory Committee (CCAC), which brought together the voices of key campus constituencies during the pandemic (i.e. faculty, staff, students, and community members) to have a joint conversation on issues of shared concern, ensuring informed, sound administrative decisions that best served the needs of everyone in the Carolina community; and,


WHEREAS, in furtherance of key values of transparency and honesty, this individual thoughtfully commissioned the thorough and comprehensive release of University budget details and the underlying process involved in developing said budget, culminating in the first successful implementation and publication of the University’s balanced all-funds budget; and,


WHEREAS, this individual has served the entire University community with distinction, dignity, and honor through difficult times and in so doing has demonstrated courageous servant leadership for this institution;


THEREFORE, NOW BE IT RESOLVED that the Employee Forum hereby confers lifelong honorary delegate status upon Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz, along with an open invitation to attend and participate in future deliberations of this body.


Signed on behalf of the Delegates of the Employee Forum


Katie Musgrove, Chair

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