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Employee Forum Committees

Delegates are required to serve actively on at least one Employee Forum committee. Other Employees, meaning those Employees who are neither elected nor appointed to the Employee Forum, are encouraged to participate in Employee Forum activities. Attendance and participation by Employees in the Employee Forum’s committee meetings is at the discretion of individual Employees, who must obtain approval from their supervisors to have this service treated as work time. Although Employees who are not Employee Forum Delegates may serve on committees, they may not serve as Chair or Co-Chair of committees. Committee attendees who are not elected or appointed Delegates may not vote in committee meetings.

Any Employee can present to the Employee Forum a proposal for the establishment of a new standing or ad hoc Employee Forum committee, or the restructuring of a current one. All proposals must be presented in writing. Proposals will be discussed by the Executive Committee and brought before the entire Employee Forum for a vote.

Executive Committee: This committee is comprised of the Chair, the Vice Chair, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Staff Assembly Delegates, the chair of each Employee Forum committee and one Delegate from each electoral Division of the Forum. It makes representative decisions for the Forum in emergency situations, develops monthly agendas for the entire Forum, annually reviews the Forum Guidelines, and recommends motions to the Forum. This committee will handle planning for the twice-annual community meetings. The Executive Committee is elected at the Annual Retreat.

Community Service Committee: This committee develops and manages the community engagement and public service initiatives of the Employee Forum in coordination with the Carolina Center for Public Service and other campus organizations. The committee will ensure that Employees seek to foster an active and engaged commitment to our University and wider community. Subcommittees include the Carolina Campus Community Garden and Carolina Blood Drive.

      Carolina Campus Community Garden: This committee works to increase the effectiveness and sustainability of the Carolina Campus Community Garden.

      Carolina Blood Drive : This committee plans and supports the University’s bi-annual Carolina Blood Drive in conjunction with the American Red Cross.

Communications and Public Relations Committee: This committee publishes InTouch, the Employee Forum’s monthly newsletter, and maintains the Employee Forum’s website. The committee also works to increase coverage of Employee Forum issues in local and state-wide media. Subcommittees include the Employee Forum Book Club.

      Book Club : This committee plans and supports the Employee Forum’s book club.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee: This committee strives to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion matters of all employees— particularly those in marginalized communities— are addressed and at the forefront of the work of the Employee Forum. We operate under the principle that equity means leveling the playing field by providing resources and opportunities for underrepresented groups, with the understanding that creating equity allows everyone an opportunity to have a seat at the table, which promotes inclusion. 

Education and Career Development Committee: This committee develops policy for the Educational Assistance Program and recommendations to the Employee Forum about use of the Staff Training and Development Fund. The committee also develops recommendations about programs for Employee training and development and serves as an advisory committee to the Human Resources Training and Development Department.

Membership & Assignments Committee: This committee, comprised of at least five persons, will be finalized by the Employee Forum at the Annual Retreat. The committee’s chair will be the Secretary of the Employee Forum. The outgoing Secretary will serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member. The committee is responsible for conducting Employee Forum elections, and the periodic review of representation and electoral divisions to ensure equitable allocation of Delegates. The committee will also present a representative slate of candidates for office to the Delegates at the May monthly meeting.

Personnel Issues Committee: This committee conducts research and frames policy alternatives related to compensation and benefits, University and departmental policies and practices as they relate to individual employees and groups of employees, and campus-wide organizational development activities such as Carolina Service.

Recognition and Awards Committee: This committee annually reviews existing recognition and awards programs and recommends modifications and new programs to the Employee Forum as appropriate. This committee coordinates activities for the annual Employee Forum peer recognition awards program. The committee also will assist in the selection of the Employee Forum Community “Three-Legged Stool” Award.