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Annual Report of the Employee Forum 2022-2023 


2022-2023 Officers/Staff 

Chair  Katie Musgrove 
Vice Chair  Keith Hines 
Secretary  Tiffany Carver 
Treasurer  Tracy Wetherby-Williams 
Parliamentarian  Jacob Womack 
Program Manager/ 

Recording Secretary 

Matthew Banks 
UNC System Staff Assembly Delegates  Katie Musgrove (1-year appointment)
James Holman (2-year appointment ending June, 2023)
Keith Hines (3-year appointment ending June, 2025) Shane Brogan (alternate, 1-year term) 


2022-2023 Division Representatives 


EF Division 1 Representative-
EHRA Non-Faculty 
Randall Borror 
EF Division 2 Representative-
SHRA Service/Maintenance 
James Holman 
EF Division 3 Representative-
SHRA Skilled Craft 
Todd Hux 
EF Division 4 Representative-
SHRA Administrative Support Academic Affairs 
Lori Shamblin 
EF Division 5 Representative-
SHRA Administrative Support Health Affairs 
Sara Pettaway 
EF Division 6 Representative-
SHRA Administrative Support Other 
Leah Hefner 
EF Division 7 Representative-
SHRA Technical 
Annetta Streater 
EF Division 8 Representative-
SHRA Professional 
Kira Jones 
EF Division 9 Representative-
SHRA Executive/Administration/ Managerial 
Sharron Bouquin 




The UNC-Chapel Hill Employee Forum is an organization of SHRA and EHRA non-faculty employees (“staff”) elected by their peers.  The Forum’s mission is to advocate for and constructively address the challenges, needs, and opportunities of UNC-Chapel Hill staff. The Forum:  


  • Seeks out the issues, interests, ideas, and participation of UNC-Chapel Hill staff; 
  • Develops and presents proactive, progressive recommendations to the UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor and their designee(s) advising them on how to respond to issues impacting UNC-Chapel Hill staff; 
  • Actively advocates for the UNC-Chapel Hill administration to implement the Forum’s recommendations; 
  • Communicates effectively with all levels of UNC-Chapel Hill staff and administration; 
  • Fosters an open and positive environment throughout the UNC-Chapel Hill community; and 
  • Supports UNC-Chapel Hill’s mission of teaching, research, and public service.


The Employee Forum seeks to continually improve the quality of life of UNC-Chapel Hill  staff through mutual understanding, recognition of employee contributions, and respect for the worth of the individual. 


Monthly Meeting Date/Time 

Employee Forum full body meetings are typically held the first Wednesday of the month (unless a holiday falls on that week) via Zoom from 9:15-11:30 am. Employee Forum Executive Committee meetings are typically held on the third Tuesday of the month via Zoom from 11:30 am-1:30 pm.  


22-23 Division Breakdown / List of Employee Forum Delegates  

See Appendix I 


22-23 Budget Overview 

See Appendix II

Report of 22-23 Activities  

  • Many of the Employee Forum’s efforts this year spoke directly to the strategic initiatives of Carolina Next. In particular, we were strong contributors to the following strategic initiatives: 
  • Build Our Community Together – the Employee Forum focused on several advocacy initiatives this year centered around promoting belonging for all staff at UNC, including: 
  • We continued to advocate for our fellow staff in the Housekeeping Department, who continue to face extensive recruitment and retention challenges, furthering our efforts last year outlined in Resolution 22-02  
  • Our Personnel issues Committee dedicated time and attention to affordable housing advocacy this year, providing focus group feedback to the university’s consultant, U3 Advisors, as well as inviting both Chapel Hill Town Council member Paris Miller-Foushee and an affordable housing policy expert to answer committee questions  
  • We hosted a Carolina Women’s Center listening session with Professor Beth Posner to contribute feedback on the future of the center and share thoughts and ideas about necessary programming 
  • Our DEI Committee sought to outline staff accessibility concerns through Proclamation 23-01 
  • Enable Career Development – our Education and Career Development Committee administered our Professional Development grants to staff across campus 
  • Promote Democracy – we continually serve as a vehicle for staff to engage in respectful dialogue, facilitating honest, frank discussion on major campus and public issues 
  • Serve to Benefit Society – our Community Service Committee supported various local charities, hosted the bi-annual Carolina Blood Drive, and continued our long-standing partnership with the Carolina Community Garden 
  • Optimize Operations – we hosted a listening session with Operational Excellence to provide feedback on issues of staff concern across campus that might be addressed by their continuous improvement process. Additional Employee Forum efforts to optimize operations this year include: 
  • Every five years, Transportation and Parking partners with campus representatives on the Advisory Committee on Transportation and Parking (ACT). Chair Katie Musgrove and Vice Chair Keith Hines currently serve on ACT, which began their work in February and will continue their work into 2024 to develop a new five-year plan that: 
  • Engages with the University community through outreach efforts 
  • Evaluates existing operations and technology and identify efficiencies and opportunities 
  • Develops strategies to address University and UNC Health development and programmatic growth 
  • Ensures that necessary revenue is in place to support the existing and near-term transportation system costs 
  • Employee Forum delegates gave feedback to the Provost regarding his office’s Generative AI Committee, noting the gap in providing faculty and student guidance on proper use of this technology, but not providing similar feedback for staff. We were invited to help form a staff subcommittee of the wider Generative AI committee to develop that guidance for staff. This subcommittee developed said guidance and advertised trainings for staff on ethical and proper use of this emerging technology.  
  • Other Activities in 22-23: 
  • New Dean Orientation Participation 
  • The Employee Forum was invited to present at the New Deans Orientation held to onboard new campus leaders at Carolina. Chair Katie Musgrove and Vice Chair Keith Hines presented an overview of the Employee Forum to showcase who we are and what we do for staff across campus.  
  • The Employee Forum participated in campus searches for the following senior campus leader positions:    
  • AVC of Communications 
  • AVC of Facilities 


  • Vice Chancellor’s Representative Meetings 
  • Every other month the Employee Forum hosted a meeting with Vice Chancellors or their representatives (VC Reps). The VC Reps meetings were a way for Forum delegates to raise questions and issues directly with university administration. Attendees submitted questions prior to the meeting to give the appropriate vice chancellor the opportunity gather the needed information in order to adequately answer the question. The platform also allowed a space for vice chancellors and other senior university leaders to seek the help of the Employee Forum with various initiatives and projects. 
  • STACC Reorganization 
  • Chancellor Guskiewicz and Chair Katie Musgrove worked together to revise the format, makeup, and standard operating practices of the Staff Advisory Committee to the Chancellor (STACC). These revisions were meant to increase the continuity and accountability of committee work, all to better serve the Chancellor as a way to gain feedback from staff. As before, the committee will serve as a sounding board for the Chancellor, share concerns, make suggestions, offer guidance, and advocate for the needs of staff employees with the Chancellor and their leadership team. The primary revisions are as follows: 
  • Format: STACC will be housed under the auspices of the Employee Forum, with staff support and logistical coordination provided by the Forum. 
  • Membership: STACC Membership will be composed of the Employee Forum’s nine electoral division representatives selected by the Forum every year at their retreat, and nine other at large appointees made by the Chancellor and/or Chair of the Employee Forum. The Employee Forum Chair and Vice Chair will serve as co-chairs of STACC, along with Chancellor Guskiewicz.  
  • Tar Heel Bus Tour 
  • Chair Katie Musgrove was invited to participate in the 2022 Tar Heel Bus Tour as a senior administrator at UNC. This was a valuable opportunity for the Chair to see the valuable work being done by university faculty and staff throughout the state. Participating also allowed the Chair to celebrate and highlight the critical role staff play in these state-wide initiatives to fellow participants and others throughout the event.  
  • Staff Assembly Advocacy 
  • Collaboration continues between the UNC-Chapel Hill Employee Forum and the UNC System Staff Assembly. It is here that staff from all 17 UNC System institutions come together to advocate on behalf of over 35,000 staff across the UNC System. The immediate past chair of our UNC-Chapel Hill Employee Forum, Shayna Hill, is the Chair-elect of the UNC System Staff Assembly. She assumes office in October and we are very lucky to have her voice advocating to President Hans on behalf of UNC-Chapel Hill and UNC System staff.  
  • Chancellors’ Cup Golf Tournament 
  • The Chancellors’ Cup Golf Tournament was held at Finley Golf Course in Chapel Hill in September, 2022. This tournament raises money to support the Janet B. Royster Memorial Staff Scholarship Fund, which supports professional development opportunities for UNC System staff. The event at Finley was a massive success with a full roster of teams and many sponsorships going to support the scholarship, allowing us to reach our minimum endowment goal of $175,000 and are well on our way to our full endowment goal of $250,000. 
  • Board of Trustees/University Day Remarks 
  • The Chair of the Employee Forum was invited twice in the 22-23 academic year (in September and March) to provide remarks to the Board of Trustees University Affairs Committee, although was unable to attend in March. The Chair also delivered remarks on behalf of the staff at the University Day celebration in October, while also presenting the Rebecca Clark Staff Award for Moral Courage during the ceremony. Remarks in these settings highlighted the many staff contributions at Carolina, while also underscoring the lingering struggles staff face given significant staff vacancy issues that are prevalent in departments across campus. 
  • 30th Anniversary Celebration 
  • The Employee Forum celebrated its 30th anniversary in October, 2022. Current and former delegates, the Chancellor, several trusted UNC campus partners, and other special guests, including Employee Forum inaugural Chair Kay Wijnberg Hovious, celebrated the occasion at the Carolina Club. This event was paired with another on University Day where staff picked up free Insomnia Cookies at the Old Well.  


List of 22-23 Resolutions/Proclamations Passed 

2022-2023 Committee Chairs 


Communications and Public Relations Committee  Shane Brogan/Joe Ormond 
Book Club Subcommittee  Jane O’Hara/Brook O’Neal 
Community Service Committee  Jacob Womack/Jay Eubank 
Blood Drive Subcommittee  Laura Pratt/Amber Meads 
Carolina Community Garden Subcommittee  Arlene Medder 
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee  Janet Steele/Rebecca Howell 
Education and Career Development Committee  L.E. Alexander/Laura Pratt 
Membership and Assignments Committee  Tiffany Carver/Keith Hines 
Personnel Issues Committee  Matthew Teal/Leah Hefner 
Recognition and Awards Committee  Tiffany Carver/Jessi Hill 


Employee Forum Committees  

  • Communications and Public Relations Committee: This committee publishes InTouch, the Employee Forum’s monthly newsletter, and maintains the Employee Forum’s website and social media accounts. The committee also works to increase staff engagement and comradery through the annual Scavenger Hunt and Employee Forum Book Club. 
  • Community Service Committee: The Employee Forum’s Community Service Committee works to strengthen and transform our campus through public service by finding, advertising, and creating volunteer opportunities in the hopes of fostering an engaged and active commitment to our university and wider community. Subcommittees include the Carolina Community Garden and Carolina Blood Drive.  
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee:  The Employee Forum Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strives to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion matters of all employees— particularly those in marginalized communities— are addressed and at the forefront of the work of the Employee Forum. We operate under the principle that equity means leveling the playing field by providing resources and opportunities for underrepresented groups, with the understanding that creating equity allows everyone an opportunity to have a seat at the table, which promotes inclusion. 
  • Education and Career Development Committee: This committee is responsible for administering the Professional Development Grants and the Carolina Family Scholarship. The committee also develops recommendations about programs for university-wide employee training and development.  
  • Executive Committee: This committee is comprised of the Chair, the Vice Chair, the Secretary, the Treasurer, UNC System Staff Assembly Delegates, the chair of each Employee Forum committee and one Delegate from each electoral Division of the Forum. University Committee representatives are invited to these meetings, but are not voting members of the committee. The committee makes representative decisions for the Forum in emergency situations, develops monthly agendas for the entire Forum, annually reviews the Forum Guidelines and budgets, and recommends motions to the Forum. This committee will handle planning for the Forum’s community meetings. The officer elections for the Employee Forum are held in June each year, with the wider Executive Committee (division representatives and committee chairs) selected at the Annual Retreat. 
  • Membership & Assignments Committee:This committee handles solicitation of employees to run for office as Forum delegates, Forum elections, the orientation of newly elected delegates, and the periodic review of representation and electoral divisions to ensure equitable allocation of Delegates.  The committee also solicits employees to serve on various University committees. The committee creates one larger database to serve these different functions in cooperation with the Forum Assistant. The committee’s chair will be the Secretary of the Employee Forum. Subcommittees include the Event Planning Committee. 
  • Personnel Issues Committee: This committee conducts research and frames policy alternatives related to compensation and benefits, University and departmental policies and practices as they relate to individual employees and groups of employees, and campus-wide organizational development activities such as Carolina Service. 
  • Recognition and Awards Committee: This committee is responsible for overseeing the annual Peer Recognition Awards. Committee members work closely with the Forum’s Program Manager for all aspects of the award process including the call for nomination, nomination form, recipient selection, and the distribution of the recipient stipends. Award recipients are announced during the June general meeting.  This committee is also responsible for the selection of the Rebecca Clark Staff Award for Moral Courage which is awarded annual during the University Day celebration.  
  • Staff Advisory Committee to the Chancellor (STACC): Employee Forum division representatives comprise half the delegation on STACC, with the Employee Forum Chair and Vice Chair serving as co-chairs. The other half of the delegation is comprised of chancellor-appointed members. STACC members serve as a sounding board for the Chancellor, share concerns, make suggestions, offer guidance, and advocate for the needs of staff employees with the Chancellor and their leadership team.   

University Committee Representation 

  • Advisory Committee for Transportation & Parking (ACT)- Katie Musgrove, Keith Hines 
  • Building & Grounds Committee- James Stamey 
  • Carolina Peer Support Committee (CPSC)- Tiffany Carver, Elizabeth DuBose, Stephanie Forman, Charlissa Rice, Sarah Smith 
  • DEI Council- Janet Steele 
  • EOC Policy Advisory Group- Katie Musgrove 
  • Parking Appeals- Chrissie Greenberg, Tiffany Carver 
  • Policy Review Committee (PRC)- Matthew Teal, Rebecca Howell 
  • Student Stores- David Bragg, Annetta Streater 
  • Tuition & Fee Advisory Taskforce (TFAT) & Student Fee Advisory Subcommittee (SFAS)- Tracy Wetherby-Williams (Alternate: Amber Meads) 


  • Additionally, the Employee Forum Chair Serves On: 
  • Campus & Community Advisory Committee (CCAC) 
  • Carolina Next Advisory Committee 
  • Carolina Next: Enable Career Development Strategic Objective Lead 
  • Carolina Next: Serve to Benefit Society Unit Representative Group 
  • University Day/Commencement Committee 


Challenges from 2022-2023  

  • Both the causes and effects of staff departures/lingering vacancies: 
  • Causes of staff departures: 
  • Cost of living/inflation  
  • Inconsistent support of work-life balance & flexibility 
  • Mental health/burnout causes retention challenges 
  • Imbalance between level of responsibility and pay 
  • Interim faculty/staff not given the appropriate title or adequate pay increase for taking a temporary new role, plus a lack of transparency in the process/expectations around additional duties 
  • Staff not trained as supervisors, but are taking on supervisory duties  
  • Failure to offload additional duties given due to vacancies (those duties linger if you did them well while assigned them) 
  • Lack of resources for staff (hiring, onboarding, training, support within role, promotion opportunities, etc.) 
  • Inadequate onboarding/training/support causes issues for new hires 
  • Issues with cross-campus system rollouts (blinded by silos, need better transparency and planning with these cross-campus rollouts) 
  • Causes of lingering vacancies:  
  • Hiring process has slowed significantly to get approval on job descriptions before the position even posts 
  • UNC is no longer seen as an employer of choice (Applicant pools are very small) 
  • Stagnation of Career banding system not keeping up with market-rate salaries for state employees (operating off 2013 market rate data) 
  • Concerns surrounding the longevity of the State Health Plan  
  • North Carolina overall not as appealing to live in given the health coverage landscape 
  • Significant reduction of benefits over the past decade has contributed to this issue (i.e. no retiree health care, shift to EHRA non-faculty isn’t appealing to most) 



  • Effects of both: 
  • Lack of adequate staff coverage may lead to damage to university assets because of lack of preventative maintenance 
  • Lingering staff vacancies endangers student, faculty, and staff success, well-being, and productivity 
  • Poor work-life balance & flexibility 
  • Lingering mental health/burnout issues 
  • Chronic vacancies lead to excessive job duties in the resulting postings to try and fill the gap 


  • In addition to staff departures and lingering vacancies, the Forum continues to deal with pain-points around communication: 
  • Lack of substantial/timely answers to questions submitted in advance for our Vice Chancellor meetings [corroboration of facts, transparency] 
  • Lack of transparency, timelines, and employee support when employees file complaints with EOC 
  • Lack of transparency about transitioning some School of Medicine positions from UNC Chapel Hill to UNC Health Care positions 
  • Implications for remaining staff and departmental structure overall (UNCH positions not covered by State Employee policies & regulations) 


Goals/Projects for 2023-2024  

As we move into 2023-2024, the Employee Forum is focused on several new goals, including:

  • Advocate for sufficient budget allocations across campus to accompany the revisions coming to our career banding system. We need to ensure that funding for raises exists to get employees to the appropriate levels of the new ranges when they get approved in the coming year 
  • Level-setting realistic job duties in position descriptions across campus after they’ve been overstuffed during the vacancy crisis and the pandemic budget cuts 
  • Improving the onboarding/training provided to new hires, as well as creating a peer support program to increase belonging and make new staff feel welcome at Carolina 
  • ~6 months after hire: touch base with new employees with resources available 
  • Employee Forum/HR sponsors monthly learning about campus sessions, part of Work Well 
  • Increase training offerings available to staff to fulfill professional development plans in their annual evaluations 
  • Encouraging UNC HR to look at a holistic ‘Workforce Planning Program’  
  • Looking at longer-term issues around flexible work policy 
  • Continue to improve in the following areas: 
  • Lack of clear, across-the-board understanding of role of Employee Forum across campus 
  • Inconsistent recognition of Employee Forum’s value to campus administration in identifying areas of concern 
  • Advocating for equity and parity with Faculty Council  
  • Communications strategies for EF delegates to disseminate updates from the Forum 
  • Folding the Employee Forum into new employee orientation in some capacity 
  • Continuing to improve staff and university administration visibility and access to resolutions and proclamations passed by Employee Forum 
  • Adding a new staff support position for the Employee Forum to provide equity with Faculty Governance 
  • The Forum currently has one staff support employee whereas Faculty Council has three 
  • This position would likely focus on the communications needs of the Forum, providing much needed expertise on mass communications, graphic design, social media, and website management for the organization 
  • Reinstating pre-COVID funding levels for the EF budget 

Appendix I 

2022-2023 Division Breakdown 


Division  Number of Employees  Percent of Population  Seats on Forum (Rounded)  Seats Occupied  Seats to be Filled in April, 2022 Election  Seats Occupied w/Newly Elected or Appointed (Post Election)  Vacant Seats  Appointed Delegates Beyond Allocation  All Seats Occupied (Post April, 2022 Election) 
1 EHRA Non-Faculty  2123  23%  14  2  12  4  8  N/A  6 
2 SHRA Service/
550  6%  4  2  2  2  0  N/A  4 
3 SHRA Skilled Craft  391  4%  3  1  2  1  1  N/A  2 
4 SHRA Administrative Academic Affairs (AA)  218  2%  1  2  1***  3  0  4  5 
5 SHRA Administrative Health Affairs (HA)  432  5%  3  1  2  2  0  N/A  3 
6 SHRA Administrative Other Than AA & HA  541  6%  3  1  2  5  0  3  6 
7 SHRA Technical  2427  26%  16  1  15  5  10  N/A  6 
8 SHRA Professional  1748  19%  11  8  3  9  0  6  17 
9 Executive/
858  9%  6  1  5  1  4  0  2 
Totals  9288  100%  61  19  44  32  23  13  51 
***all divisions elect at least one delegate per year                   


2022-2023 List of Delegates

Delegates active between July, 2022 – June, 2023 (Minus those newly elected/appointed in April, 2023)

Division 1 EHRA Non-Faculty     
Name   Department  Term Ends 
Randall Borror  Cardiology  2023 
Michael Case  Carolina Population Center  2023 
Evan Marsh  School of Medicine IT  2023 
Manisha Mittal  School of Nursing  2023 
Jake Stallard  Kenan-Flagler School of Business  2023 
Alice Whiteside  University Libraries  2023 
Division 2 SHRA Service/Maintenance   
Name   Department  Term Ends 
Timothy Carville  Housekeeping  2023 
James Holman  Housekeeping  2024 
James Stamey  Housekeeping  2023 
Tyrone Williams  Housekeeping  2024 
Division 3 SHRA Skilled Craft     
Name  Department  Term Ends 
Anthony Lindsey  Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center  2023 
Danielle Wingler  Facilities  2023 
Division 4 SHRA Administrative Support (Academic Affairs)   
Name   Department  Term Ends 
L.E. Alexander  Classics  2024 
Tiffany Carver  School of Social Work  2024 
Mandy Melton  Chemistry  2023 
Laura Pratt  The Graduate School  2023 
Jacob Womack  Carolina Union  2024 
Division 5 SHRA Administrative Support (Health Affairs)   
Name  Department  Term Ends 
Stephanie Forman  Health Policy & Management  2023 
Sara Pettaway  Eshelman School of Pharmacy  2024 
Kelly Scurlock-Cross  Obstetrics/Gynecology  2023 
Division 6 SHRA Administrative Support (Other)   
Name  Department  Term Ends 
Leah Hefner  University Libraries  2024 
Keith Hines  Carolina Union Administration  2023 
Arlene Medder  Auxiliary Services  2023 
Sarah Smith  Campus Y  2023 
Matthew Teal  Office of Ethics & Policy  2023 
Karen Webster  University Mail Services  2023 
Division 7 SHRA Technical     
Name   Department  Term Ends 
David Bragg  Information Technology Services  2023 
Elizabeth Dubose  School of Medicine  2023 
Brigitte Ironside  Service Center of Excellence — Finance  2023 
Amber Meads  School of Medicine  2023 
Joseph Nsonwu-Farley  Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center  2023 
Annetta Streater  Adams School of Dentistry  2024 
Charles Streeter  Student Affairs  ex-officio 
Division 8 SHRA Professional     
Name   Department  Term Ends 
Vanessa Blake  Division of Comparative Medicine  2024 
Shane Brogan  Physics & Astronomy  2024 
Emma Dehne  Provost’s Office  2023 
Shayla Evans-Hollingsworth  College of Arts & Sciences  2024 
Adrianne Gibilisco  Diversity & Inclusion  2023 
Christine Greenberg   Study Abroad   2023 
Jessi Hill  Craniofacial & Surgical Care  2024 
Shayna Hill  Exercise & Sports Science  ex-officio 
Kira Jones  Sociology  2024 
Katie Musgrove  School of Law  2023 
Joe Ormond  Anesthesiology  2024 
Theresa Silsby  ITS – User Support, Experience & Engagement  2024 
Janice Singletary  Campus Health  2024 
Janet Steele  Division of Comparative Medicine  2023 
Kurt Stolka  Transportation & Parking  2023 
Michael Williams  Information Technology Services  2023 
Tracy Wetherby Williams  Information Technology, School of Medicine  2024 
Tracey Wiley  School of Education  2024 
Division 9 Executive/Managerial     
Name  Department  Term Ends 
Sharron Bouquin  ITS — Enterprise Applications  2023 
Jen DeNeal  Ethics & Policy  2023 
Honorary Lifelong Delegates     
Name  Affiliation  Year Honored 
Paul Hardin  Former Chancellor (Deceased)  1995 
Elson S. Floyd  Former Executive Vice Chancellor (Deceased)  1998 
Kay Wijnberg Hovious  Former Employee Forum Chair (Retired)  2003 
Rachel Windham  Former Employee Forum Chair (Retired)  2004 
Tommy Griffin  Former Employee Forum Chair (Deceased)  2005 
John Heuer  Former Employee Forum Chair (Deceased)  2007 
Paula Schubert  Founding Member of Employee Forum (Retired)  2012 
Holden Thorp  Former Chancellor   2013 
Jackie Overton  Former Employee Forum Chair (Deceased)  2013 
Karol Kain Gray  Former Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration (Retired)  2013 
Brenda Malone  Former Vice Chancellor for Human Resources  2014 
Brenda Denzler  Former Employee Forum Vice Chair (Retired)  2015 
Charles Streeter  Former Employee Forum Chair  2017 
Gena Carter  Employee Forum Human Resources Representative (Retired)  2017 
Wayne Blair  Former University Ombuds Director (Retired)  2018 
Carol Folt  Former Chancellor   2019 
James Holman  Current Employee Forum Delegate  2019 
Laurie Mesibov  University Ombuds (Deceased)  2020 
Shayna Hill  Former Employee Forum Chair  2021 


Appendix II 

2022-2023 Employee Forum Budget Overview 


Employee Forum 2022-2023 Budget 
Trust Fund  $ 3,452.00 
Staff Development  $ 19,000.00 
Staff Development Carryover  $ 12,761.10 
Blood Drive Support  $ 3,000.00 
Total Funds Available  $ 38,213.10 
Planned Expenses   
Communications & Public Relations   
Employee Appreciation Day (Scavenger Hunt/Candy)  $ 500.00 
Website Redesign/Rebranding  $ 5,000.00 
Graphic Design/Video Production  $ 5,000.00 
Community Service   
Community Garden Support  $ 2,500.00 
Blood Drive Support (Winter & Summer)  $ 3,000.00 
Event Food/PR/Prizes  $ 500.00 
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion   
Programming  $ 500.00 
Education & Career Development   
Professional Development Grants  $ 10,000.00 
Higher Ed Panel Mini-Conference  $ 1,000.00 
Forum Office   
Meeting Captioning  $ 3,575.00 
Office Expenses  $ 1,000.00 
Printer  $ 300.00 
Meetings & Assignments    
July ’22 Retreat Expenses  $ 1,500.00 
Community Meeting Expenses  $ 600.00 
Personnel Issues   
Programming  $ 200.00 
Recognition & Awards   
2023 Peer Recognition Award Banquet  $ 300.00 
2023 Peer Recognition Stipends  $ 1,500.00 
3-Legged Stool Creation  $ 75.00 
Hovious Award Plaques  $ 225.00 
Delegate/Peer Recognition Certificates  $ 75.00 
Total Available Expenses  $ 38,213.10 
Total Planned Expenses  $ 37,350.00 
Total Actual Expenses in FY23  $ 25,052.34 
Amount of Planned Expenses Unused in FY23  $ 12,297.76 
Carryover Funds Available in FY24 (Available-Actual)  $ 13,160.76