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Staff Advisory Committee to the Chancellor
2022-2023 Annual Report


Staff Advisory Committee to the Chancellor (STACC) Modifications Enacted in 22-23


Chancellor Guskiewicz and current chair of the Employee Forum & STACC, Katie Musgrove, worked together to revise the format, makeup, and standard operating practices of the Staff Advisory Committee to the Chancellor (STACC). These revisions are meant to increase the continuity and accountability of committee work, all to better serve the Chancellor as a way to gain feedback from staff. As before, the committee will serve as a sounding board for the Chancellor, share concerns, make suggestions, offer guidance, and advocate for the needs of staff employees with the Chancellor and their leadership team. The revisions are as follows:

Format: From this point forward STACC will be housed under the auspices of the UNC Chapel Hill Employee Forum, with staff support and logistical coordination provided by the Forum.

Membership: STACC Membership will be composed of the Employee Forum’s nine electoral division representatives selected by the Forum every year at their retreat, and nine other at large appointees made by the Chancellor and/or Chair of the Employee Forum. Appointments to the committee are for one year. The Employee Forum Chair and Vice Chair will serve as co-chairs of STACC, along with Chancellor Guskiewicz. STACC may invite relevant campus leaders as guests to their meetings as needed based on the discussion at hand.

Agenda Setting: The Chancellor will meet with the Employee Forum Chair and Vice Chair for a 15-minute discussion the week before STACC to set agenda items. The Chancellor will bring topics for the first half of the meeting, and STACC members will bring agenda items for the remaining half. STACC members will convene for a planning meeting to develop their proposed agenda items in the weeks leading up to each STACC meeting.

Schedule: STACC meetings will take place every other month (mid-month), on the month in which the Chancellor does not address the Employee Forum. The Provost will speak with the Employee Forum during the traditional roundtable in the alternating months. STACC meetings will take place the opposite month in which the Forum’s Vice Chancellor representatives’ meetings are held. For a full schedule of meetings held in 22-23, please see the end of this report.


Recap of the Year/Planning for Next Year:


  • Recap of Topics Discussed in 22-23:
    • Staff Salaries/Professional Development (highlighted as one of Chancellor Guskiewicz’s top priorities in 2023)
    • Hiring Issues/Full Position Management, Career Banding, & Overall Resources Concerns
    • Parking Concerns (Beginning the 5-Year Plan/Advocating for Free Parking for Lowest-Paid Employees)
    • Respectful Treatment of Staff/Marginalized Members of Campus Community
    • Staffing & Facilities for New Schools
    • DEI Rule Change / Affirmative Action Supreme Court Decision Conversation
    • Staff Morale Discussion
  • Recap of Projects Taken on in 22-23:
    • Updating STACC Membership Structure/Meeting Schedule to Better Enable Employee Forum Structural Support & Improve the Longevity of STACC as a Body
    • Carolina Women’s Center Listening Session w/ Beth Posner
    • Feedback on Proposed Statement of Ethics from Ethics & Policy office
    • Feedback for Kamrhan Farwell re: The Well/University Communications
    • Operational Excellence Listening Session w/ Rick Wernoski
  • Successes Seen/Progress Made in 22-23:
    • Chancellor Guskiewicz outlined how he’s taken the feedback from this group and put it into action:
      • STACC provided ideas and solutions as the Chancellor’s team responded to issues brought forward by EF and main campus
      • STACC is one of the key stakeholders that the Chancellor meets with on issues of the day
      • STACC is at the epicenter of decision making on issues the Chancellor has raised and other issues the leadership team encounters
      • The Chancellor serves on the Personnel Committee for BOG and was at the table for the re-banding discussion
      • The issues we encountered and discussed are present across higher education and the Chancellor needs us as partners on these issues
      • The Chancellor then recapped accomplishments of the university as a whole this year, none of which would be possible without our dedicated staff
  • Possible Future Agenda Items/Asks in 23-24 (from lingering past STACC goals):
    • Advocacy to the state re: career banding changes/increase to base pay for our lowest wage employees (minimum $20/hour)
    • Staff Vacancies Issues (recruitment process concerns)
    • Affordable Housing for Staff
    • How do we get to a point where we aren’t reacting to advocacy/protests, but are proactive in solving some of our problems? (i.e. the ADA concerns brought forward by students this year leading to positive change, when we’ve been focused on trying to make ADA improvements on campus for many years, but change waits for the public eye to be on us)
    • Form STACC subcommittee re: Staff Rollout Stressors (email STACC interested members, schedule initial meeting to reorder document highest to lowest impact with notes, email Kevin/Becci/Elizabeth Williams with new list and committee members to be involved)
  • Dedicated BOT Liaison for EF


  • Pain Points for STACC:
    • How do we see progress on the issues we talk about each meeting? These are big thorny issues that aren’t solved easily.
    • How do we engender trust with the administration that these issues are being taken seriously when we don’t see tangible progress? When we don’t know what progress is happening, we struggle. Let’s keep the lines of communication open so that we are all on the same page. Trust is important to ensuring morale. An idea floated: potentially creating a dashboard of progress on these big projects/initiatives.
    • How do we ensure clear delineation of purpose between EF and STACC (many non-EF STACC members feel the need to do things under EF’s jurisdiction, whereas STACC is mainly focused on providing the Chancellor feedback in a smaller group setting and may not see tangible outcomes the way EF advocacy does)?

Historic Notes (Not captured in past annual reports)


Previous Years’ Change & Progress Aided by STACC:

  • On-Site Vaccination Clinic for Staff and Faculty
  • Removal of 20% Cap (system-wide)
  • Flexible Work Playbook

Previous Years’ Topics of Discussion:

  • ESL Classes
  • New Manager Training
  • Return to Campus
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Staff Mental Health


2022-2023 STACC Membership


Name   Chancellor Appointee /
Employee Forum Representative
Role   Office/School/Unit  
Randall Borror EF Division 1 Representative- EHRA Non-Faculty Business Operations Professional, Medicine- Cardiology School of Medicine
James Holman EF Division 2 Representative- SHRA Service/Maintenance Crew Leader, Housekeeping Services Housekeeping
Todd Hux EF Division 3 Representative- SHRA Skilled Craft Building Coordinator School of Medicine
Lori Shamblin EF Division 4 Representative- SHRA Administrative Support Academic Affairs Executive Assistant- Biology College of Arts & Sciences- Biology
Sara Pettaway EF Division 5 Representative- SHRA Administrative Support Health Affairs Executive Assistant- School of Pharmacy School of Pharmacy
Leah Hefner EF Division 6 Representative- SHRA Administrative Support Other / Co-Chair of Employee Forum Personnel Issues Committee Ordering & Receiving Specialist, University Libraries University Libraries
Annetta Streater EF Division 7 Representative- SHRA Technical Patient Care Coordinator- Dental School School of Dentistry
Kira Jones EF Division 8 Representative- SHRA Professional Academic Program Services Coordinator- Environmental Sciences & Engineering Gillings School of Global Public Health- Environmental Sciences & Engineering
Sharron Bouquin EF Division 9 Representative- SHRA Executive/Administration/Managerial Auxiliary Applications Manager- ITS ITS
Kate Henz Chancellor Appointee Senior Associate Dean, Operations & Strategy- College of Arts & Sciences College of Arts & Sciences
Aaron Bachenheimer Chancellor Appointee Executive Director, Off-Campus Student Life and Community Partnerships- Student Affairs Student Affairs
Jennifer Washington  Chancellor Appointee Business Officer, English & Comparative Lit College of Arts & Sciences
Joshua Canzona Chancellor Appointee Associate Ombuds University Ombuds Office
Maria Estorino  Chancellor Appointee AUL for Special Collections & Director, Wilson Library University Libraries
Rhonda Beatty Chancellor Appointee Director, UNC Visitors Center University Communications
Robert Smith III Chancellor Appointee Vice Dean-Gillings School of Global Public Health Gillings School of Global Public Health
Patricia Harris Chancellor Appointee Senior Director, University Office of Diversity & Inclusion / Carolina Black Caucus Chair University Office of Diversity & Inclusion
Tiffany Bailey Chancellor Appointee Director of Equal Opportunity/ADA Coordination Equal Opportunity & Compliance
Kevin Guskiewicz Co-Chair of STACC Chancellor Office of the Chancellor
Katie Musgrove Co-Chair of STACC Chair, Employee Forum + Business Officer, Law School of Law
Keith Hines Co-Chair of STACC Vice Chair, Employee Forum + Marketing Manager, Development University Development Office



2022-2023 Meeting Schedule


Month Employee Forum Meeting 

(First Wednesday of month)

STACC Meeting 


Vice Chancellors Representatives Meeting


August Christi Hurt serving on roundtable (Wednesday, August 3rd) Invite Christi STACC Planning Meeting Not Held Meeting held (Thursday, August 11th)
September No Chancellors/Provost Roundtable (Wednesday, September 14th) STACC Meeting (Thursday, October 4th @ 1) N/A
October Chancellor Guskiewicz/Provost Clemens attending EF 30th anniversary event (Tuesday, October 11th) in lieu of monthly meeting STACC Planning Meeting (postponed to Friday, November 4th @ 9) Meeting held (Thursday, October 13th)
November Provost Clemens serving on roundtable (Wednesday, November 2nd) STACC Meeting (Friday, November 11th @ 9) N/A
December Chancellor Guskiewicz serving on roundtable (Wednesday, December 7th) STACC Planning Meeting (Wednesday, December 14th @ 10) Meeting held (Thursday, December 8th)
January Provost Clemens serving on roundtable (Wednesday, January 11th) STACC Meeting (Friday, January 20th @ 9) N/A
February Chancellor Guskiewicz serving on roundtable (Wednesday, February 1st) STACC Planning Meeting (Wednesday, February 15th @ 3) Meeting held (Thursday, February 9th)
March Provost Clemens serving on roundtable (Wednesday, March 1st) STACC Meeting (Friday, March 17th @ 9) N/A
April Chancellor Guskiewicz serving on roundtable (Wednesday, April 12th) STACC Planning Meeting (Wednesday, April 26th @ 3) Meeting held (Thursday, April 13th)
May Provost Clemens serving on roundtable (Wednesday, May 3rd) STACC Meeting Cancelled N/A
June Chancellor Guskiewicz serving on roundtable (Wednesday, June 14th) STACC Annual Wrap Up Meeting (Tuesday, June 13th @ 9) Meeting held (Thursday, June 8th)
July EF Retreat (no roundtable) No STACC Meeting N/A