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How can I communicate with the Forum?

The Employee Forum invites you to let us know what’s on your mind, both the good and the bad. You can do this in many different ways:

  •  Attend Community Meetings – At least two community meetings will be held each year. A majority of each meeting is devoted to Employees letting the Forum know about their concerns and interests. Besides speaking out during the formal meeting, there is time for Employees to talk privately with Forum Delegates. A community meeting also is a time when Employees can learn more about the Forum’s operation and about issues of general interest such as how personnel policies are formulated or how the General Assembly produces a budget. Attendance at community meetings is voluntary and considered work time. Employees should talk with their supervisors in advance if they plan to attend a community meeting.
  • Speak at Monthly Meetings – Employees are welcome to attend any of the Forum’s monthly meetings, and time is set aside near the beginning of each meeting to hear from Employees. If you want to speak at a meeting, contact the Membership & Assignments Committee Chairperson. Members of that committee will assist you. Attendance at monthly meetings is not considered work time.
  • By Electronic Mail – You can address your message to; the Forum Assistant will pass on your e-mail to the Forum’s officers.
  • Through Campus Mail – Send a letter to any Delegate or to the Forum Chair (CB#3488).   Letters to the Forum Chair will be distributed at the next meeting or with the next paper communication to Forum Delegates.
  • By Telephone – Call the Forum Office at 962-3779. To reach individual Delegates, check the roster of Delegates. The University directory can be also be used. It lists the campus box number, email address, telephone and fax numbers of University Faculty and Staff.

How can I find out about Forum events?

  • Consult the Forum Calendar
  • Contact an Employee Forum Delegate.
  • Read the Employee Forum’s InTouch newsletter.
  • Read the The Well. The Well covers Forum meetings and will include notices of monthly and community meetings.
  • Regularly check the home page of this web site.
  • Watch for bulletins posted in buildings around campus about upcoming community meetings.
  • Mass email mailings are sent out announcing upcoming events.

 How often does the Forum meet?

The Employee Forum usually meets on the first working Wednesday of each month from 9:30-11:30 a.m. via Zoom. Please contact the Forum Office at by 8 a.m. that Wednesday to obtain Zoom information for the meeting.

 If I want to make a presentation at a Forum meeting, whom do I contact?

Contact the Forum Office at 962-3779 at least seven working days before the meeting at which you wish to speak, the earlier the better. Individuals wishing to make a presentation during other parts of the agenda should make their request at least two weeks prior to the Forum’s monthly meeting. This allows the Forum Chair to coordinate presentations and publish an agenda at least six days before each meeting.