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UNC-Chapel Hill Employee Forum

Personnel Issues Committee

2022 – 2023 Annual Report

I.     Introduction


The Personnel Issues Committee hears, elevates, and helps address staff concerns from across the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Staff connect with the committee through their delegate representatives, the anonymous reporting feature on the Forum website, or directly to committee Chairs. The Committee addresses staff concerns by meeting with University administrators, asking questions at the Vice Chancellors Representatives meetings, and drafting formal resolutions for the Forum.


II.    Accomplishments


The Personnel Issues Committee helped address staff concerns during the 2022-2023 term by:

  1. Calling for greater accessibility on campus;
    1. Proclamation 23-01
  2. Calling for the University to provide resources to prevent sexual assault on campus and provide resources for victims of sexual assault; and
    1. Resolution 23-01
  3. Calling for, and participating in working groups about, increasing the amount of affordable housing for University employees within the Town of Chapel Hill and surrounding communities.
  4. Continuing to advocate for better treatment, professional development, and pay for University employees, particularly those in Facilities.


III.   Ongoing Concerns and/or Issues for Next Term


  1. Calling for the University to provide all necessary resources to fully fund the Carolina Women’s Center, improve campus accessibility, and measure the outcomes of all related initiatives.
  2. Calling for the University to work with state and local governments and other relevant stakeholders to increase the amount of affordable housing in the Town of Chapel Hill and nearby communities so employees have safe and affordable housing near where they work.
  3. Review and provide feedback as needed on the University’s updated Policy on Access to Individual User Accounts, which governs who, when, and why University officials may access University employee emails and other electronic records.
  4. Calling for University leadership to improve the University’s ability to hire and retain a skilled workforce.
    1. At the May 2023 Board of Trustees’ meeting, UNC-Chapel Hill leadership identified “Employee Retention” as the University’s top Institutional Risk for 2023-2024.
    2. Calling for the Chancellor and senior University identify ways to improve retention other than increasing pay since salaries are set by the State of North Carolina and so are outside the University’s control.
  • Calling for the Chancellor to adopt the proposed Statement of Ethics and invest the time and resources necessary to build a University culture grounded in accountability, community, integrity, and transparency.


IV.  Committee Structure


  1. Rotating, two-year terms of co-chairs.
  2. Co-chair systems is essential to the work of the committee, demanding work, consistent committee presence, one of chairs is always at VC Reps, Executive Committee, and full Forum meetings.
  3. At the annual new delegate committee selection committee, ask for re-endorsement of the co-chair dynamic system.
  4. One co-chair rotates off, new chair rotates on annually.