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Update 2

11:38 a.m. Traffic through the Great Hall steadily increased throughout the morning. One of the more popular activities is the cash booth, which allows staff to compete for prizes. Staff who are able to catch marked bills are awarded a prize according to the type of bill captured.

A staff member attempts to catch a special bill in hopes of winning a prize.

11:47 a.m. Lunch is served. Staff dine under beautiful blue skies and trees as they await this afternoon’s entertainment, a musical performance by the band Liquid Pleasure. Among the offerings are North Carolina barbecue, macaroni and cheese and vegetable sides.

Users on Twitter live-tweet the event with #KickUpYourHeels.

Employee Forum chair Charles Streeter has his caricature drawn.

11:52 a.m. Employee Forum delegates Yvonne Dunlap and Ana Schwab inform staff about the Employee Forum’s monthly book club offerings and encourage them to sign up for the club’s listserv.

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