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Congratulations to new and reelected delegates, and a big thank you to those who ran in this year’s elections. The 2015 elections results are in. Check out the list below to find out who your unit’s new representatives are.

2015 Elections Results

Division 1 (EPA Non-Faculty)
Clare Counihan
Philip Edwards
Emily Gomez
Lori Haight
Michael Penny
Krista Prince
Anna Schwab
Division 2 (Service/Maintenance)
David Fraley
James Holman
John Williams
Division 3 (Skilled Craft)
Jim Fuller
Division 4 (Administrative Support, Academic Affairs)
No candidates running.
Division 5 (Administrative Support, Health Affairs)
Kathy James
Susan Lucas
Division 6 (Administrative Support, Other)
Katie Turner
Division 7 (Technical)
Jo-Ann Blake
Kathy Ramsey
Nakenge Robertson
Charles Streeter
Melanie Sumner
Barbara Williams
Division 8 (Professional)
Matt McKirahan
Chrissie Greenberg
Lois Douglass-Alston
Aja Reid
Sharon Brinson
Shayna Hill
Division 9 (Executive/Managerial)
Ben Triplett
DivisionNumber of EmployeesPercent of PopulationSeats on ForumSeats Filled by Continuing DelegatesSeats Needed
1. EPA Non-Faculty200324.115 (14.5)510
2. Service/Maintenance6597.95 (4.74)14
3. Skilled Craft4775.73 (3.42)03
4. Administrative Support (Academic Affairs)1952.31 (1.44)01
5. Administrative Support (Health Affairs)4145.03 (2.94)03
6. Administrative Support (Other)5887.14 (4.26)41
7. Technical226427.216 (16.32)214
8. Professional157518.911 (11.34)56
9. Executive/Managerial1491.71 (1.02)01
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