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Candidate for Treasurer

Members of the Employee Forum,

20160601 Hill PicturePlease allow me to continue serving this forum and university staff across campus in the role of the Employee Forum Treasurer for another year.  Serving in this capacity has renewed my passion in social justice and has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the consistent need for staff advocacy in this great institution.  The challenges of last year were tough.  When the Forum was made aware that the Student Stores Staff needed our help we rallied.  As a member of the Employee Forum Executive Committee I attended extra sessions, met with Student Stores Staff and helped organize events in support of that staff.  We may not have achieved all of our objectives but we stood with staff in a way in which we could feel proud.  This year’s challenges may be even tougher therefore I am more committed to doing the hard work of keeping staff issues at the forefront of the public narrative.  I have been a UNC employee for almost ten years, I hold two UNC degrees, most recently a Master’s degree in Public Health, and I have spent most of my life as a Chapel Hill resident.   In me you have a devoted colleague and a leader with her heart in the game.

Many thanks for allowing me to serve,

Shayna Hill, Employee Forum Treasurer 2015-2016