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Carolina Campus Community Garden

Subcommittee of Community Service Committee

Annual Report 2016-2017


Submitted by Arlene Medder

June 14, 2017


2016-2017 Members

Name Department Term Ends
Claire Lorch Carolina Campus Community Garden
Arlene Medder Auxiliary Services 2018
Nancy Easterling NC Botanical Garden  
Alice Ammerman Ctr Health Prom and Dis Prev  
Katelyn Ander University Library  
Faydene Alston Housekeeping  
Katharine Belter Community/UNC Alumnus  
Ritam Chakraborty Undergraduate Student  
Carol Enarson Community/Neighbor/Master Gardener  
James Holman Housekeeping  
Christina Lebonville Graduate Student  
John O’Sullivan Community Member/Neighbor  
Kyle Parker Part-time Garden Assistant  
Linden Thayer Community Member/UNC Alumnus  
Victoria Whitfield Housekeeping  


Charge: This advisory committee provides campus and community input to the Carolina Campus Community Garden


Highlights of Year

  • Completed solar greenhouse construction and inspections
  • Began use of greenhouse for summer crops
  • Increased campus visibility by attending events and meetings, such as Graduate Student Orientation and Food For All Committee meetings
  • Ribbon-cutting ceremony for greenhouse was held
  • Grants and donations to support garden procured
  • Children’s area completed
  • New perennial beds created
  • Two (unpaid) interns hired to handle increased compost production
  • Partnered with academic departments for hands on learning components
  • Serve as a bridge between NC Botanical Garden and University campus
  • Implemented crop rotation and planning for increased disease and pest control
  • Grants paid for greenhouse equipment, garden brag book, etc.
  • Consultation with occupational therapist and landscape architect to increase garden safety and aesthetics


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