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Community Service Committee

Annual Report 2016-2017

Submitted by Katie Musgrove

June 14, 2017


2016-2017 Delegate Members

Name Department Term Ends
Katie Musgrove (Chair) Eshelman School of Pharmacy 2017
Bonita Brown Carolina Union 2017
Kelli Raker* Student Wellness 2017
Jim Fuller* Energy Services 2017
Ricky Roach Energy Services 2017
Kewana Smith School of Medicine 2018
Heather Lewis Eshelman School of Pharmacy 2018
John Williams** Housekeeping 2017
Charles Streeter Student Affairs/EF Chair 2017


2016-2017 Ex-Officio Members

Name Department
Steven Bodeen Building Services
Dori Brady Study Abroad
Tarah Burnette Housing & Residential Education
Crystal Ebert NC Botanical Garden
Lisa Geeslin Facilities Services
Krista Latta Genetics
Taylor Libby* Eshelman School of Pharmacy
Kim Allen Carolina Center for Public Service
Rachel Pittman School of Media & Journalism
Barry Ramsey OEVC&P
Korie Sawyer Student-Athlete Services
Princetta Watkins Study Abroad


*Left the University in the course of the 2016-2017 academic year

**Assumed to have left the forum for lack of attendance at both delegate and committee meetings


Charge: This committee develops and manages the community service initiatives of the Employee Forum, including the Carolina Blood Drive. This committee, in coordination with members of Carolina Center for Public Service, the General Alumni Association and other campus organizations, will host various community service events throughout the year, as well as publicize various other opportunities to get involved. This committee will ensure that we as staff of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill seek to foster an active and engaged commitment to our University and the wider community


Highlights of Year


  • Held the “Food for All” Campus Wide Food Drive from October 8-21, 2016 (Appendix I)
    • Lead by Katie Musgrove & Ricky Roach
    • Supported by entire committee
    • Donations benefitted Food Bank of Central & Eastern NC & Carolina Cupboard
    • University Partners: Carolina Center for Public Service (CCPS), General Alumni Association (GAA), Carolina Athletics, Food for All Initiative
    • Aligned with the Food for All University-wide Theme & GAA’s Tar Heel Service Days Week
    • Contributed to the Million Meals Challenge sponsored by Harris Teeter, a competition between UNC, NC State, Duke and Wake Forest Universities to collect food donations throughout the athletic season
    • Special collection events throughout the drive, including tents at the Employee Appreciation Football Game versus Virginia Tech on October 8, 2016, Late Night With Roy on October 14, 2016 and Employee Appreciation Day on October 21, 2016
    • Bins also placed throughout campus & off-campus offices (62 in total)
    • Advertised via Employee Forum Listserv, InTouch Newsletter, Employee Appreciation Day Announcements, Athletics Department Social Media, Employee Forum Social Media, CCPS Listserv, G105 radio interview, University Gazette, UNC Faculty/Staff Listservs, Carolina Union Activities Board (CUAB), Housing & Residential Education video boards, Million Meals Challenge & Food For All publicizing efforts
    • Collected 1,854 pounds of food, which equates to 2,761 meals
      • 1,442 pounds & a $200 donation (2214 meals) was donated to the Food Bank of Central & Eastern NC, benefiting those affected by Hurricane Matthew and other hungry North Carolinians
      • 412 pounds & a $40 donation (547 meals) was donated to UNC’s Carolina Cupboard, the student food pantry here on campus
    • Prizes distributed include Employee Forum bags & 2 tickets to UNC Basketball Game
    • Placed write up of highlights in InTouch



  • Partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Orange County to host a build day on April 12, 2017 (Appendix II)
  • Lead by Heather Lewis & Katie Musgrove
  • Supported by entire committee
  • 26 UNC staff volunteers helped to build the home of fellow UNC staff member Thein Oo and his family (volunteers split between morning and afternoon shifts)
  • Donated $100 to Habitat for Humanity of Orange County, with another donation sent on our behalf by Trustee Don Curtis to sponsor our build day
  • Volunteers were given gift bags with a t-shirt and a water bottle
  • Eventbrite event page:
  • Photos from the event:
  • Placed write up of highlights in InTouch


  • Held the bi-annual Carolina Blood Drives in December, 2016 and on June 6, 2017 (Appendix III)
    • Lead by Ricky Roach & Jim Fuller
    • Carolina Blood Drive recognized as American Red Cross’ 2016 top sponsor (Durham District) with over 31,000 pints of blood impacting the lives of more than 93,400 lives


  • Created a committee with the Office of Human Resources to develop a campus-wide Community Service Leave Promotional Campaign (Appendix IV)
    • Lead by Kim Allen (CCPS) & Katie Musgrove
    • CCPS and Employee Forum initiated a relationship with the Office of Human Resources in order to develop a promotional campaign for Community Service Leave (CSL)
    • Modeled off of similar campaign done by UNC Wilmington
    • Collaborated with CCPS to draft materials, such as volunteering how-to’s and a standardized CSL request form
    • Will continue to collaborate in the 2017-2018 academic year to develop this campaign and to create a dedicated webpage to house any and all information related to CSL and community service resources for staff here on campus


  • Continued to support the Carolina Campus Community Garden (CCCG) via the InTouch Newsletter
    • No formal liaison to the CCCG in the 2016-2017 academic year
    • Arlene Medder has returned to the forum and will be resuming this role to continue our efforts to promote and support the CCCG in the coming year


  • Submitted monthly Community Service opportunities via the InTouch Newsletter
    • Submitted by Katie Musgrove
    • Highlighted upcoming community service opportunities and stories of UNC Staff CSL use

“Food for All” Campus Wide Food Drive, October 8-21, 2016 (Appendix II)




Habitat for Humanity Build, April 12, 2017 (Appendix III)




Carolina Blood Drive Events December and June 6, 2017 (Appendix IV)











Charles Streeter, Rhonda Hubbard Beatty, Ricky Roach, Stephen Latham, and Teresa Kidd


Creation of the Community Service Leave Promotional Campaign Committee (Appendix V)


Ideas to Promote the Community Service Leave Benefit

  • Request from HR:
    • Total # of employees who used CSL benefit
    • # who used 1-12 hours
    • # who used 13-20 hours
    • # who used 20+ hours
    • # who used all 24 hours
  • Total # of employees eligible to use Community Service Leave benefit
  • Total # of employees who did not use any of the CSL benefit
  • Total # Community Service Leave hours used in the last year
  • Create a committee to work on CSL promotion (perhaps the Employee Forum’s Community Service Committee could serve as this committee?)
  • Develop a CSL promotion campaign
    • Create a PSA video (in consultation/partnership with HR and CCPS)
    • Include chancellor to encourage and explain benefits of using CSL and how it supports the university’s mission
  • Include HR to explain the benefit
  • Include a few employees who’ve used all 24 hours to share their experiences
  • CCPS can help identify a faculty member, student project or other campus resource to help create the PSA video
    • Create a postcard/flier (in consultation/partnership with HR and CCPS)
    • Create a hashtag and buttons (as part of CSL promotion campaign)-link to Twitter and FB pages
    • Include CSL button and postcard in new employee packet, Staff Appreciation Day packets, etc.
    • Human Resources to create a web page on CSL (EF, CCPS, link to page)
    • Memo issued by chancellor to university community
    • Increase supervisor awareness (emphasize the benefits of staff use of CSL)
  • HR to issue memo to supervisors
  • Include CSL info in supervisor training
  • Conduct focus groups with those employees who used all 24 hours of benefit
    • To find out more about their experience of using CSL (ways it was used, challenges in using it, benefits of using it, best practices, etc.)
    • Include several employees in PSA video
  • Partner with HR to encourage campus units to create service projects
    • Post descriptions of service projects on CSL web page
    • Spotlight service projects in InTouch, the Employee Forum’s newsletter
  • Staff awards for Public Service
    • Staff and faculty can be nominated for the Carolina Center for Public Service’s annual Public Service Awards


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