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Annual Report of the Community Service Committee

of the Employee Forum



July 1, 2019


Members of the Committee:


2018-2019 Delegate Members

Name Department Term Ends
Katie Musgrove (Chair) Eshelman School of Pharmacy 2019
Darren Abrecht UNC Research 2020
Dzenita Blackwell OSR 2019
Rich Brandenburg HVAC 2019
Todd Hux HVAC 2020
Kathy James Medicine/Infectious Diseases 2019
Mary King Energy Services 2020
Arlene Medder (CCCG Liaison) Auxiliary Services 2020
Jim Potts (Blood Drive Liaison) Environment Health & Safety 2019
David Rogers Campus Recreation 2020
Tracy Wetherby-Williams School of Dentistry 2020
Rich Wright Parking & Transportation 2019



2018-2019 Ex-Officio Non-Delegate Members

Name Department
Kim Allen Kenan Flagler School of Business
Mark Atherton Athletics
Christy Baldridge Purchasing Services
Margaret Barrett Carolina Center for Public Service
Becca Bender Carolina Center for Public Service
Steven Bodeen Building Services
Dori Brady Carolina Asia Center
Amber Brosius School of Medicine
Tarah Burnette Housing & Residential Education
Nick Caligari EHS
Breana Castonguay UNC Center for AIDS Research
Michelle Collins Carolina Population Center
Myka Elliott School of Nursing
Jessica Ferrall Neurology
Michele Fulton Gillings School of Public Health
Lisa Geeslin Facilities Services
Charulatha Gunachandran Study Abroad
Ashley Jacobs Med Ad-Sponsored Programs
Tanya Jisa School of Government
Sarah Leck Office of the Chancellor
Kate Palmer Carolina Center for Public Service
Berengére Phillips Fraternity & Sorority Life
Barry Ramsey OEVC&P
Cheyanne Ritz Collaborative Studies Coordinating Center
Christy Samford University Registrar
Korie Sawyer Student-Athlete Services
Teresa Scaggs OHR
Jia Shen Epidemiology
Samantha Sites School of Medicine
Kewana Smith School of Medicine
Lein Soltan Biology
Nikki Somers UNC Orthopaedics
Eli Valsing School of Government
Hope Woodhouse Computer Science


Monthly Meeting Date/Time:

Typically the first Wednesday of the month in the Union from 11:30-12:30 following wider Forum Full Body Meeting (exact meeting locations announced with the meeting agenda)


Chair of the Committee:

Katie Musgrove



Committee Charge:

This committee develops and manages the community service initiatives of the Employee Forum, while also serving as support for the Carolina Blood Drive and Carolina Campus Community Garden, which are both sponsored by the Employee Forum. This committee, in coordination with members of Carolina Center for Public Service and other campus organizations, will host various community service events throughout the year, as well as publicize various other opportunities to get involved. This committee will ensure that we as staff of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill seek to foster an active and engaged commitment to our University and the wider community.


Important Contacts/Partners for CSC Endeavors In 2018-2019

  • Margaret Barrett, Kate Palmer & Becca Bender, Carolina Center for Public Service (Disaster Relief Projects)
  • Claire Lorch (Carolina Campus Community Garden)
  • Greg Smith (InTouch Spotlight)
  • Brandy Flickinger, Shauna Stackhouse, Kathy Bryant, Sheree Harmon & Sheila Corcoran OHR (Community Service Leave Promotional Campaign)
  • Shayna Hill (Employee Forum Chair)
  • Matt Banks (Employee Forum Assistant)


Report of Activities 2018-2019


– Voter Engagement Booth at Employee Appreciation Day

-Project Leads: Eli Valsing, Berengére Phillips, Rich Brandenburg

  • Event was held past normal voter registration deadline, so we were unable to actually register people to vote
  • Booth included information on early voting, where staff could still register and vote on the same day (unable to do this on election day), sample ballots, and other voting resource information


– UNC Children’s Hospital Toy Drive

-Project Leads- Steve Bodeen, Hope Woodhouse, Myka Elliott, Dzenita Blackwell, Jim Potts, Michele Fulton

  • Timeline- November 14, 2018 – December 14, 2018
  • Toys from 33 donation bins were collected & delivered to UNC Children’s Hospital on December 17th: filled four and a half vehicles (one full SUV with seats down in the back, one full van with seats down in the back, two full pickup truck beds, and one half full SUV)
  • Photos from event:


– Disaster Relief Trip

-Project Leads- Lein Soltan, Margaret Barrett, Becca Bender, Jessica Ferrall, Michele Fulton

    • Date of Event: December 14, 2018
    • Volunteers worked at the MERCI Center in Goldsboro to assemble hurricane relief supply buckets. MERCI is the Disaster Response and Mission Support Center warehouse where the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) assembles and disseminates hygiene, cleaning and other relief supply kits to disaster-stricken areas.
    • Number of Volunteers: 23
    • Waitlist developed for interest in next disaster relief trip (~26 people on list)
    • CCPS Disaster Relief Grant in the amount of $1,000 was received for the event (paid for lunch, van rental, gas, supplies)
      • Applied for the grant via the Employee Forum & Submitted an after-action report detailing our activities and purchases
    • We also delivered ~30 cleaning supply buckets to the MERCI center that were originally collected/donated from a local church
    • Event Registration Page:
    • Photos from Event:


– 20th Annual Holiday Carolina Blood Drive

-Project Leads- Jim Potts, Katie Musgrove, Todd Hux, Michele Fulton, Tracy Wetherby-Williams, Kewana Smith & Other Blood Drive Committee Members

    • Number of Volunteers: 49
    • Number of Collected Pints: 302
    • Number of First Time Donors: 68
    • Total Productive Units Since 1989: 33,367
    • Total Lives Impacted Since 1989: 100,101


– 2nd Annual CCCG Plant a Tomato, Give a Garden Event

-Project Leads- Arlene Medder, Katie Musgrove, Kate Palmer, Margaret Barrett, Claire Lorch


– 31st Annual Carolina Blood Drive

-Project Leads- Jim Potts, Katie Musgrove, Todd Hux, Michele Fulton, Tracy Wetherby-Williams, Kewana Smith & Other Blood Drive Committee Members

    • Photos from Event:
    • Number of Volunteers: 50
    • Number of Presenting Donors: 758 (613 WB/145 PR / With PR Conversions= 502 WB/277 PR)
    • Number of Collected Pints: 779
    • Number of First Time Donors: 274
    • Total Productive Units Since 1989: 34,146
    • Total Lives Impacted Since 1989: 102, 438

Habitat for Humanity Build

-Project Leads- Katie Musgrove, Darren Abrecht, Lein Soltan, David Rogers, Steven Bodeen, Rich Brandenburg, Dzenita Blackwell, Tracy Wetherby-Williams, Rich Wright, Dori Brady


-Community Service Opportunity Announcements via InTouch

-Local Non-Profit Spotlights & Other Community Service Opportunities Highlighted within InTouch this year= Haulin’ Heels Program, TABLE, CCCG, Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools, Compass Center, Employee Forum Toy Drive, Employee Forum Disaster Relief Trip, Carolina Blood Drive, Ruck for Hunger Food Drive Sponsored by Carolina Veterans Organization, CCPS Disaster Relief Efforts, Habitat for Humanity, No Kid Hungry NC, Staff Community Service Leave Stories as available


-Community Service Leave Promotion Campaign

-Project Leads- Katie Musgrove, Margaret Barrett, Kate Palmer, Dzenita Blackwell, Darren Abrecht, Arlene Medder, Myka Elliott

-Timeline- Spring, 2019-Spring, 2020

  • Katie reached out to HR to re-initiate the CSL promotion campaign similar to UNCW’s HR department campaign and get their commitment to produce such a campaign with our input and assistance (been asking since mid 2016)
  • Finally heard back from OHR and UNC Communications that they will be taking on this story/promotional campaign
  • Aspects of the Campaign
    • CSL PSA Video (UNCW’s PSA Video)/ story (rolled out separately in July, 2019 with possible re-worked video during the full campaign rollout in February, 2020)
  • Wanted to include Interview with Chancellor about importance of CSL for Staff
    • Scheduling didn’t work out this time, but an interview could possibly be included as a part of the re-worked video to be released in February, 2020


  • Other desired aspects of the project to be rolled out at the same time as the re-worked story / video/ social campaign:
  • CSL Posters/Postcards/Digital Signage
  • Informational Banner on ConnectCarolina Announcements
  • CSL Informational Mass Email Blast
  • Creation of CSL standardized request form to be utilized across campus


  • Future Ideas (could be rolled out at a later date than the wider campaign items listed above):
    • Addition of 6-month post-hire check in by HR to introduce staff to tertiary benefits and resources on campus such as CSL, Employee Forum, CCPS, etc.
    • Suggestion to somehow recognize people who use all of their CSL in a year
      • Possibly a note to their supervisor or a certificate
      • They could be recognized at the Employee Forum Peer Recognition Award ceremony
        • The Employee Forum Awards ceremony is at the June meeting which gives time to gather the data from CSL use in the past year (January-December= CSL benefit period)


  • Other Discussion on Project:
    • We have requested the CSL usage numbers for 2017-2018 and 2018-2019
      • This data should mirror that provided to us by HR for the 2016-2017 period
      • This will give baseline information to judge promotion’s impact


  • Next Steps:
    • OHR
      • Send requested information regarding CSL usage for the following periods:
        • 2017-2018
        • 2018-2019
      • Develop Formal Timeline for CSL Promotional Campaign Project Implementation
      • Finalize the language within the CSL Request form and the CSL Promotional Flier/Make available as resource on OHR CSL website
      • Draft CSL Poster (to be hung throughout campus) & Postcard (to be sent via campus mail and used as digital signage)
        • Come up with number of postcards needed based upon the number of employees eligible for CSL
      • Draft CSL Informational Mass Email in conjunction with UNC Communications


Previous Forum Concerns To Be Continued in 2019-2020:

  • Continued development of the Community Service Leave (CSL) Promotional Campaign in conjunction with OHR to advance the use of CSL by UNC Staff
    • Project timeline= committee will continue to encourage OHR on developing the constituent aspects of the campaign with simultaneous roll out of all aspects due in early February, 2020 after open enrollment
  • Continue to Develop/Enhance UNC & CCPS websites with regards to their Community Service Information relevant to UNC Staff
  • Work with Katie Musgrove to make improvements to the Employee Forum Website, including adding photos from events and a list of upcoming community service events


  • Ideas for Other Events/Projects for 2019-2020

    • Haw/Eno/Jordan Lake Cleanup Project
      • Project Leads- David Rogers, Rich Brandenburg, Steve Bodeen
      • Timeline- Low water time, perhaps September/October
    • Disaster Relief Trip
      • Project Leads- Lein Soltan, Kate Palmer
      • Timeline- TBD
    • Improvements to the Community Service Committee Website
      • Upcoming improvements: new section including information on upcoming community service opportunities, local non-profit spotlights (which right now only go out via the InTouch and other email announcements), photos from our events
    • Collaborating with CCPS & to improve their Websites with Staff Resources relating to Community Service
      • Right now,’s only information on the public service tab is regarding CCPS’ current programs, all centered around Faculty & Students
      • Would like to have some Staff Resources linked here (CSL Info, Upcoming Opportunities, etc.)
      • Also planning to work with CCPS to widen their scope to include resources for Staff Public Service
        • Include how to’s for UNC Staff who want to begin volunteering (one time, short term, long term, team oriented), link to CSL policy, link to upcoming community service opportunities on campus, etc.
    • Creation of a Community Service Resources Presentation to be delivered to Interested Departments on Campus
      • Katie has received requests to come give talks at departments about community service opportunities and resources to departments here on campus. She wasn’t able to at the time, but would like to develop such a presentation to deliver to interested departments highlighting CSL, community service resources, upcoming events and other info
      • Include values of community service (team building, work-life balance, UNC’s mission of helping the community, etc.), CSL info & guidelines, CSL spotlight stories, opportunities to serve with various local non-profits,  community service how-to’s (one time, short term, long term, team oriented) Employee Forum initiatives (blood drives, CCCG, Food for All, Habitat, Toy Drive, etc.), serving on the Community Service Committee, other ways to track upcoming opportunities: EF InTouch, CCPS website/listserv, recognizing your peers via Public Service awards
      • Could also create UNC Staff Community Service Poster board for CCPS Fair & Other Table Presentation Opportunities



Other Suggestions for Next Year’s Committee

  • Continue Our Support of the Carolina Blood Drive & the Carolina Campus Community Garden
  • Continuation of current programs such as the annual Toy Drive, CCCG Event, & Habitat Build


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