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Forum Chair, 1995

Remarks at University Day, 1995 (partial)

Chancellor Hooker, I bring you greetings on behalf of the SPA and EPA non-faculty employees of the University…

Although it is sometimes perceived that those of us on campus are divided by rank or status or power, the message I bring today is that we are all united in spirit.

Like you, some of us are not Carolina born or Carolina bred, but what matters most is that we are all Carolina now.

No greater love of this university is possessed more by those who cut the grass, scrub the floors, type the letters, push the papers, repair the systems, manage the process, the research and the patients and tighten the widgets.   We pledge our continuing commitment and support as we all work together to maintain the Carolina tradition of excellence.


 Advocacy for all a hallmark of Windham’s 24 years (University Gazette, July 16, 1997)