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Resolution 12-02, Honoring Paula Schubert



October 3, 2012



WHEREAS one of the roles of the Employee Forum is to recognize and honor those individuals who have served staff employees at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in especially noteworthy ways; and


WHEREAS historical research has shown that the original idea to establish the Forum was proposed to the Chancellor in the early 1990s by Paula Schubert in her capacity as the sole staff-level member of the ad hoc Women’s Concerns Coalition; and


WHEREAS the idea was adopted and promoted by then-Chancellor Paul Hardin, who had seen the value of such organizations at other universities where he had worked and who therefore created a committee to design the structure of and write the by-laws for the first Forum; and


WHEREAS Paula Schubert worked diligently on that founding committee to create an organization that would be able to speak independently and honestly about staff employee concerns and function effectively to address those concerns when possible; and


WHEREAS she never, herself, became an official delegate of the Employee Forum that was so created;


BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that Paula Schubert is hereby granted the status of honorary lifetime delegate of the Employee Forum, in grateful recognition of the pivotal role she played in creating this august body.


Signed on behalf of the members of the Employee Forum of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,




Jackie Overton, Chair of the Employee Forum


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