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Advocating Creation of a University- and State-wide Salary Adjustment Fund



June 6, 1996


WHEREAS, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill currently has a number of policies in place that would allow departments to increase the salaries of certain Employees, including the recruitment and retention policy, policies relating to promotional increases and increases tied to reclassifications, and the forthcoming in-range increase policy; and


WHEREAS, all of these increases must be funded by departmental funds, since there is no University or State fund in place to provide these increases; and


WHEREAS, differences in funding have left different departments with widely differing abilities to fund these increases, making purely State-funded departments much less able to provide necessary salary increases than those departments funded by receipts, grants or other non-State money; and


WHEREAS, this has led to serious limits to the opportunities available to some Employees, as opposed to those available to other equally qualified and deserving Employees; and


WHEREAS, the Chancellor and others have acknowledged the need to re-examine the University’s funding priorities in order to spend our money in the best way possible;


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Employee Forum considers equal opportunity on the part of all Employees to receive deserved salary increases to be an important University priority;


AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Forum urges the University Administration to establish a Salary Adjustment Fund to give all Employees this equal opportunity;


AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Forum urges the UNC General Administration and the local members of the North Carolina General Assembly to work toward the establishment of a Statewide Salary Adjustment Fund to equalize this opportunity among all State agencies.

Signed on behalf of the Delegates of the Employee Forum


Ann Hamner, Chair

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