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Education & Career Development Committee

August 11 2015 Meeting Notes


Attendees (6): Samara Reynolds, Emily Gomez, Shayna Hill, Shane Hale, Matt McKirahan, Krista Prince


Subcommittee Discussions:

  • Careers in Higher Education Administration Mini-Conference
    • We will aim to host this event in March 2016, as last year’s timing worked well and gives the committee maximum time to plan a quality conference. Subcommittee will look to specific date options, after March 16th to avoid national conferences that the same audience may be interested in.
    • We will keep this event to UNC-Chapel Hill only attendees, but invite the chairs of the other UNC-system staff senates to attend and engage, in case they’d like to plan a similar event in the future and see how we organized ours.
    • Ideally a 10am-1pm program, including panels, networking opportunities, resume reviews, and lunch
    • More details to come re: planning timeline and potential agenda by next meeting (via subcommittee upcoming email exchange)
  • HR Training & Development Partnership
    • Shayna spoke with colleagues there, including Will Frey, and they are working on classes that will focus on the core competencies expected of SPA employees in their evaluations. She will be confirming timeline for their roll-out this week.
    • Waiting on a new catalog of T&D courses for staff, and will ask which specific courses they’d like EF’s help with promoting.
    • Shayna will also ask about focus groups/brown bag lunch groups for this year (a past offering)
  • InTouch Career Corner Article Series
    • Emily and Clare have set a tentative schedule and plan for articles for the next couple of months
    • Katie has confirmed space in InTouch for the “Career Corner,” and articles will be sent to her by the last Monday of each month.
    • Articles will include links to internal and external resources for further reading.
    • If committee members or others would like to suggest articles or offer to write, Emily and Clare would love to hear from them.
  • Professional Development Funding
    • Matt shared an updated draft of the Professional Development Grant information that will be shared with staff and posted to the EF website.
    • Funding for the grant will be $8,000 this year (up from $5,000 last year), and right now the plan is for that to be front-loaded, vs. split by semester, and first-come-first-served for applicants.
    • Maximum per grant is $500 (from $1,000 last year) to serve more staff members (at least 16/year)
    • Matt will ask Matt Banks about notifying last year’s applicants who weren’t selected that the new grant app is about to come out, so that they have some advanced notice (a reward for putting in the effort last year)
    • Matt will be sending final draft to committee in advance of the next Exec meeting, with the goal of rolling the new grant information out at the September general body EF meeting.
    • Shayna will be asking individuals at her budget meeting about the ability to “spend” funds but not reimburse after fiscal year ends (ConnectCarolina new policy?)
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