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EF Personnel Issues Committee – 2016-08-11



University Closed Day (Thu. Dec. 29) & Community Service Leave


Supervisory Reviews


Susan says at Linebarger the HR group is on board with trying something out but there’s a delay while hiring. Not discussed yet how formal this would be, Trying to create a tool to help supervisors adopt. Small groups have anonymity problems. Probably just feedback. See Wayne Blair email from Jeanna. Discussion about BEST training and OHR courses out at AOB. How can we make this a part of the supervisory goal review one level up. Maybe it should go to one level up and does this change the anonymity concern. Can we talk to Link and Mark about the way the supervisory institutional goal is evaluated or an instrument?

Ben wills send around what Housekeeping has done as a pilot. Likert scale modeled with OHR.

Ben suggests having a survey of direct reports by approved question sets to use as part of the supervisory organizational values.


Diversity Survey Raw Data – Backstory?


Felicia Washington – Phil is meeting with her on the 23rd or maybe the 30th at the AVC meeting. Talk to Charles about this at EC meeting next Tuesday. Get update on what happened with the survey.


Phil – haven’t had a campus climate survey for quite some time. How do we see the previous versions. We don’t want small unit level data. So, the question that comes up is who do we even ask for the data and what do we want to do with it? New campus climate survey from DMA. So, who do we talk to there? OIRA. Formulate our ask for how we might use this data? Questions around education, career development, retention, employee morale. Survey seems to have been staff focused, no faculty. Discuss staff disconnectedness?


Ben – This issue has come up a number of times, but we’re forced into a non-data conversation. Data at GA is considered maybe out of date. How diverse is our work force? Faculty numbers might be available, but staff numbers aren’t as known. Breakdown by kinds of positions.


Budget question – last year was a $600 ask for help with the diversity survey, but didn’t really happen. What would we fund? Branded merchandise. Take over from Employee Forum office.


Jen Willis represented the GA at the legislator. That role is vacant right now. Supervisor for Director of State Relations is also a posted position. Staff Senate and connection to the GA might be a contact right now. They might organize UN State Legislator Day. Easy hooks for Legislative Action sub-committee to get work done are missing right now. This group has done voter registration stuff. Questionable whether the bandwidth exists on campus to run a voter registration drive. Maybe community service can run along with us. Student organizations run. How to target non-student groups.


Bryan C. Andregg

IT Security & Systems Manager

Instructional & Information Systems

UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health

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