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University of North Carolina

Employee Forum

Personnel Issues Committee


Committee Chair: Christina Lebonville

Report Prepared by:

Christina Lebonville

Last Meeting Date:


Delegates in Attendance

Christina Lebonville, Yvonne Dunlap, David Fraley, Kenneth Davis, Arlene Medder, John Gullo

Next Meeting Date:   TBA

Time: 11:30am


Key Points


Letter of Welcome for Chancellor Folt – Delegates corrected a minor grammatical error and approved the letter to move forward to presentation before the Executive Committee.  Yvonne was thanked for submitting the draft of the letter.


An employee concern was brought before the committee regarding a work plan statement that required “professional personal appearance” and general workplace housekeeping.  After discussion, it was recommended that the employee be advised to contact either a direct supervisor, a departmental manager, or a departmental HR facilitator to see if there exists written definitions of the terms used in the statement of the work plan.  Christina will send this recommendation to the point of contact.


The committee decided that Christina will make the presentation of our committee’s work at the Forum Retreat June 5th.  We will also wait until recruitment at the retreat to determine the future organization of the committee since sub-committee division depends on the number of people interested in serving.  The chair position and meeting note taking will also be discussed at the retreat.


Recommendations and Rationale



The Letter of Welcome for Chancellor Folt will be presented to the Executive Committee for review. No further edits or suggestions were made other than a minor grammatical error.
The employee’s concerns over a statement in their work plan calling for “professional personal appearance” should be directed to the management of the specific department in which the employee works. Every department and position may have a different requirement for “professional appearance”.  Management of the department is most likely to know the appropriate definition.
Christina Lebonville will make the presentation of the committee’s work at the Forum Retreat. It was voted upon.
Organizational discussions will be held until the recruitment part of the retreat. Organization depends on number of committee members.


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