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Attendees: Karen Jenkins, Stacey Owen, Matt Banks

Room Set-up
During the Executive Committee Meeting, a suggestion was made to have the “meet and greet” in room 504 (across from the Pleasants Meeting Room) during the first hour our scheduled meeting time. Matt and I planned to look at the room either 11/25 or 11/26. Matt will contact Eileen Lewis regarding the set-up of that room as well as the AV equipment for that room. Ideally, we would set up our food and drinks and tabling with decorative center pieces/poinsettias, etc. Looking at renting the cocktail tables but will need to check with facilities or with someone that has a truck to pick up the tables and a cart to have them transported into the room.
The Employee Forum meeting would be held in the Pleasants Room as normal after the meet and greet.

Event Program format:
Charles would develop the flow of the “meet and greet”. The committee members that met suggested the following: opening remarks-Charles, mingle and eat, a slide show presentation highlighting the forum end of the year accomplishments(Charles), greetings from distinguished guest, Performance from student group(hopefully), drawing for center pieces, EF mugs gift bags, and poinsettias.

It was suggested that the drawings of the prizes that the committee is soliciting/gathering, should be given away during our EF meeting which would include our constituents as well.
The center pieces, EF mug gift bags, and Poinsettias during our meet and greet – The guests would pick up their name tag and get a ticket for the drawing the aforementioned items.
Delegates names would already be in a box for drawing during the meeting. Need to check with Charles and Tammy about purchasing items for the event including things with current logo.

I will need to know what you were able to obtain from the vendors no later than that Monday, December 1, 2014 so that I can get it organized. If you need me to resend the solicitation letter or need to know what vendors are left on the list, please let me know.

Matt will send out the massive email to delegates to RSVP for themselves and their supervisor/manager so that we can have a “head count”.

Paula – please scan the sign-up sheet to the committee so we will know who is bring what. The beverages, I believe are coming from Panera’s. Right Matt?

The best date for this service project would be during the Women’s Basketball Game, January 15th. Stacy will contact Alexis for the paperwork so we can get the ball rolling on this.
There are various communication avenues we discussed to get the word out: facebook, twitter, In-touch, Gazette, Campus email blast, basketball games prior to event date announced at both men and women’s games, local television Community Events and Daily Tarheel.
Matt will check with Todd Hux about the barrels that will be placed at the entrance of Carmichael Arenas doors for accepting cans.
More to follow.

Executive Committee Retreat
The Membership and Assignment Committee will assist Matt in whatever capacity needed for preparation, however the members will not attend. It is scheduled for January 13, 2015. Right now, it will be held at the Friday Center. Date and location is subject to change depending upon confirmation of the speakers. I will keep the members informed.

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