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Employee Forum Agenda

November 7, 2012

9:15 a.m. —-Meeting: Pleasants Family Assembly Room, Wilson Library

I. Call to Order

II. Welcome Guests & Members of the Press

III. Special Presentations

  • Student Body President Will Leimenstoll
  • Chief of Staff Erin Schuettpelz
  • Director of American Indian Center Amy Locklear Hertel

IV. Human Resources Update—Vice Chancellor Brenda Malone

V. Approval of October minutes

VI. Old Business

  • Proposed Resolution 12-02, Honoring Paula Schubert

VII. New Business

  • Proposed Resolution 12-03, on the 2013-2018 Strategic Plan for UNC

VIII. Forum Committee Reports

  • Carolina Community Garden Advisory: Arlene Medder
  • Communications and Public Relations: Alia Wegner
  • Education and Career Development: Charles Streeter
  • Membership & Assignments: Myra Quick
  • Personnel Issues: James Holman
  • Recognition & Awards: Chris Meinecke
  • UNC System Staff Assembly:  Danny Nguyen/John Gullo
  • Executive Committee: Jackie Overton

IX. Announcements/Questions

X. Adjournment


November 7, 2012 Employee Forum minutes

Attending (those who signed in): Jennie Brooks, Deborah Bush, Tiffany Carver, Karen Cheek, Peggy Cotton, Marilyn Couch, Elizabeth Craig, Kenneth Davis, David Fraley, Sharon Glover, James Holman, Christina Lebonville, Avia Mainor, Jillian Molee, Danny Nguyen, Jessica O’Hara, Jackie Overton, Jason Palivoda, Myra Quick, Koyah Rivera, Patricia Robinson, David Schwartz, Tara Smith, Charles Streeter, Katie Turner

Chair Jackie Overton called the meeting to order at 9:15 a.m.  She thanked those who helped organize the University’s Employee Appreciation Day.  She noted that the Carolina Cares/Carolina Shares campaign had been extended.  She asked for 100% Forum participation in this campaign.  She recognized Peggy Cotton who will soon retire after 31 years with the University.

The Chair introduced Student Body President Will Leimenstoll.  Leimenstoll is a senior environmental studies major and city planning minor.  Leimenstoll said that he became involved in student government through the environmental affairs committee.  He noted that committee had been active with many projects, including creation of a green revolving loan fund.  Leimenstoll praised the work of his branch officers.  He noted his presence on the Chancellor’s search committee and the rally that took place when Chancellor Thorp decided to step down.  He recalled that officers in his cabinet put together a 40 page paper related to a scholarship model that the Board of Governors was considering.  This work produced a much more positive income than would have otherwise occurred for students, Leimenstoll said.  Jason Palivoda asked if Leimenstoll could say more about the equitability plank in his platform of efficiency, equitability, and environment.  Leimenstoll said that each student government committee has worked to make the University become more inclusive and economically efficient.  The Chair said that the future of the country was in good hands with millenials like Leimenstoll.  She praised the students for doing most all of the planning and logistical work for the Chancellor’s rally.

The Chair introduced newly appointed Chief of Staff for the University Erin Schuettpelz.  She recalled her start as a legislative liaison with UNC General Administration.  She did this work for ten years, but jumped at the Chief of Staff position.  She called her predecessor Brenda Kirby irreplaceable, noting that her duties were spread to others in the Chancellor’s office.  Currently, Schuettpelz works with the Board of Trustees preparing agendas and working with individual Trustees.  She also works with the Board of Governors and General Administration, areas with which she is familiar given her previous experience.  She participates in governmental relations work for the University with the State and the Town of Chapel Hill, although she does not go to Raleigh near as often as in her former job.  Finally, she carries out job duties as assigned, such as supporting the Chancellor’s search committee.

Schuettpelz said that the Chancellor’s search committee is an important process that is large and challenging to manage.  She noted that four staff employees of the University and four to five faculty serve on the 21-person committee.  Alumni and members of the Board of Trustees also serve on the committee.  She noted that the committee will hold a forum for staff employees to share thoughts on the new appointment that afternoon from 2:30-4:30 p.m. in the Stone Center.  Similar forums will occur for faculty, students, and the local community that week.  She encouraged listeners to access to learn more about the search.  Those with feedback can e-mail  Carleta Long asked about the use of a search firm to find committees.  Schuettpelz said that the search firm will produce a list of candidates based on criteria that the search committee composes with the input of the University community.  David Schwartz asked about the value of the search firm.  Schuettpelz said that the firm helps to narrow down names of candidates.  The Chair noted that the search firm will have extensive reach to places the University does not.  Schuettpelz said that search firms are standard in high-profile searches such as this one.

The Chair introduced the director of the American Indian Center Amy Locklear Hertel.  Hertel said that she hailed from Fayetteville, North Carolina.  She has a background of Lumbee and Coharie.  She outlined the terminology used to describe American Indians, noting that Native American is also used.  Hertel was pleased to herald American Indian Heritage month.  Hertel described the population of American Indians in the United States, adding that 33% of this population resides in the South.  North Carolina has the largest population of American Indians east of the Mississippi.  She noted the ten largest American Indian tribes, and said that the census allows individuals to self-identify with a tribe.  She said that 149 American Indians attend UNC-Chapel Hill, less than 1% of the student body population.  She said that the number of faculty and staff of American Indian descent at the University do not match the proportion of students on campus, leading to a need for increased recruitment of these people.  Hertel said that the American Indian Center works to bridge the richness of North Carolina’s American Indian communities with the University of North Carolina’s mission in four ways:  student scholarship and engagement, Native community engagement, research and dissemination, and University engagement.  Hertel outlined the Center’s organizational chart, noting the appointment of Jennifer Butler from the School of Government and Randi Byrd.  Hertel also noted the work of student ambassadors who participate in year-long projects to improve their personal development.  She also noted alliances that the Center has with Student Academic Counseling and the American Indian Studies department.  She welcomed listeners to visit the Center in Abernethy Hall.

Tiffany Carver asked if the Center worked with the Native sorority on campus.  Hertel said that she was involved in the 1994 founding of Alpha Pi Omega, the first Native Greek organization in the country.  She said that the Center works closely with the sorority on issues of organization, leadership, and student engagement.  John Gullo asked about the different legal recognitions of American Indian populations by the State and federal government.  Hertel replied that the Lumbee are recognized as Indians but not as a tribe.  North Carolina recognized most tribes but not all.  She said that the Commission on Indian Affairs does not provide a pot of funds for direct recruitment of American Indians to higher education.  Elizabeth Craig asked if the Center sent a support letter noting the commemoration of Crazy Horse.  Hertel said that the Center had not sent a letter for this effort.

Peggy Cotton asked about the Center’s work helping adjustment of American Indian students at the University from the reservation or suburban towns.  Hertel said that only one reservation exists in North Carolina.  She said that the American Indian population in North Carolina is a largely rural population.  She said that the American Indian experience at University can be isolating from tribal family and values.  She said that the Center works to make these values alive in the University community.  She noted the tragic death of Faith Hedgepeth and the Center’s role in dealing with this grief.  The Chair asked which one or two events staff could support.  Hertel noted a range of academic book signings and film screenings.  She invited listeners to a live performance of Voices in the Pit on November 16.

The Chair introduced Vice Chancellor Brenda Malone to present the Forum’s customary Human Resources update.  Malone noted the wonderful activities that occurred with Employee Appreciation Day.  She noted that Human Resources relied heavily on the support, planning, and work of employees to make this event a success.  She thanked all and said particularly that she appreciated all for their efforts.  Malone said that the University had extended its Carolina Cares/Carolina Shares campaign in an effort to meet its aggressive goal of $1 million raised.  She said that fundraising is ahead of last year’s pace.  She noted the need existing after the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy on the northeast.  She encouraged employees to appreciate one another and to try to make the University better and better.  She also thanked John Gullo for his work on the Employee Appreciation Day planning committee.  She then shared a video about the Day showing the various festivities.

The Chair called for a motion to approve the minutes of the October meeting, noting that the date of the October notary public class was incorrectly listed as October 28 instead of October 26.  She said the next notary public class will take place February 8.  Myra Quick moved that the minutes be accepted as amended.  David Schwartz seconded this motion, which was approved by acclamation.

Christina Lebonville read resolution 12-02 honoring Paula Schubert.  James Holman moved that the resolution be approved on second reading, seconded by John Gullo.  The Chair recalled Schubert’s contributions to the Forum and the University.  The Forum approved the motion unanimously.  The Chair directed that Schubert be invited to the June retreat.

The Chair introduced Christina Lebonville to read resolution 12-03 concerning the 2013-18 UNC strategic plan.  Elizabeth Craig raised concerns that the resolution was too long.  James Holman noted that the Forum was already behind the curve as the faculty and students had already passed similar resolutions.  The Chair noted that the advisory committee on strategic directions had intended to finish its work by January before the Legislature reconvenes.  Brenda Malone asked how the Forum intended to present this resolution and to whom it would be directed.  The Chair said that the Forum would send the resolution to the Chancellor, asking him to share it with the larger committee.  David Schwartz asked why it was important to have the recommendation before the Legislature begins session.  The Chair said that the initiative was to follow the UNC Tomorrow plan in 2007.  Jason Palivoda suggested that the late timing was to curtail the involvement of faculty, staff, and students.  Koyah Rivera asked where the faculty and student resolutions were directed.  Lebonville said that the students had sent their resolution directly to President Ross.  Katie Turner said that the faculty had formally requested an increase in representation which had led to creation of a faculty advisory committee.  Rivera proposed that the staff could ask for similar representation as the faculty.  Turner noted that staff have representation on the main committee, as do the faculty.  Holman wanted to ask for more staff representation on the main committee.  The Chair noted that other UNC System staff organizations have an interest in this matter as well.  Lebonville said that she did not want to raise the point of a staff advisory committee too early.  Jillian Molee asked the Staff Assembly’s position on staff representation.  John Gullo said that a formal resolution was for the Assembly to advise Assembly Chair Chuck Brink.

Jason Palivoda said that given time was of the essence, he moved that the Forum suspend the rules and consider the resolution on second reading.  Gullo seconded this motion.  Schwartz advocated asking for what the Forum wants in its resolution, leaving off the issue of a staff advisory committee.  Lebonville asked whether the resolution were too long.  Schwartz noted that the construction of a resolution differs from that of a grant application, for example.  The Forum voted by more than 2/3 majority to suspend the rules and consider the resolution on second reading.  James Holman moved that the Forum approve resolution 12-03, seconded by Jillian Molee.  The motion was approved by acclamation.  The Chair directed that the motion be sent to the Chancellor with a request that it be shared with the Advisory Committee on Strategic Directions.

Christina Lebonville reported that the Carolina Campus Community Garden had a new website and a new website link.  She said that discussions are ongoing about building a greenhouse for the Garden.  She said also that the Garden will hold a talk on transplanting traditional community farming from Burma to North Carolina.  The Garden will hold a fundraiser at Vimala’s Curry Blossom Café.  Katie Turner noted that the Communications and Public Relations committee was working to export the Forum blog to the new Forum website.  Charles Streeter presented the new carousel feature on the new website.  Turner said that the goal is to launch the new website in December.  Turner noted the number of documents on the old site that still must be transferred to the new site.  Turner recalled that the InTouch printed newsletter had gone into the Daily Tar Heel on University Day October 12.  She said that the committee needs helping writing articles.  Streeter said that the Education and Career Development committee is working on a laptop loaner proposal and a professional development grant proposal.  Myra Quick said that work on the December social is going forward from the Membership & Assignments committee.  James Holman said that the Personnel Issues committee had not met this month.  Streeter proposed that the Forum tape its community meetings.  David Schwartz asked for information on the October 30 Executive Committee meeting with Chris Fitzsimon.  The Chair asked that the Executive Committee minutes from that meeting be sent out.  The Chair noted Fitzsimon’s concerns with UNC System’s accessibility and independence.  She asked that notices go out detailing when Fitzsimon will next appear on campus.  The Recognition & Awards committee will work on getting nominations for the Kay Hovious Outstanding Delegate award.

Danny Nguyen said that the UNC System Staff Assembly had elected a new Chair Elect, Susan Colby of NC State University.  The Assembly worked on a draft of its best practices document but could not find the originating document authorizing this work.  The Chair said that the best practices document would look to create the best System for University employees, not as a lever to remove the System from the Office of State Personnel.  John Gullo noted discussions about wording changes in the best practices document.

The Chair reported that UNC Board of Governors Chair Peter Hans has agreed to address the Forum in 2013.  The Chair encouraged listeners to contact the Chancellor’s search committee with their opinions on the search.  She asked staff to attend the afternoon’s meeting which would be specifically devoted to staff concerns.  The Chair said that football tickets for the Maryland game were available for those who had requested them from the Forum Office.  The Chair said that University Day had gone well.  She noted that staff for the first time sat side by side with faculty at the event.

The Chair said that she would undergo surgery in December and would have a 3-4 week recovery period.  She invited those concerned to visit her in days after the surgery on December 4.

Christina Lebonville noted that a group was meeting to discuss the strategic plan initiative on Mondays.  She encouraged faculty, students, and staff to attend these meetings which are designed to protect the University’s interests.

The Chair said that she had asked about getting non-conference basketball tickets for Forum delegates.  She would report back when she hears something from Athletics.

In the absence of further discussion, the meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Matt Banks, Recording Secretary

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