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ECD Committee Meeting Minutes

October 30, 2013

120 Vance Hall

Members Attending: Maggie Grant, Matt McKirahan, Lois Douglass-Alston

3:00pm: Walking Meeting

Attending members met at the Pit for a “walking meeting”. Walk to Vance Hall was used to bounce around ideas for use(s) of Professional Development Grant funding – also, to include some fitness.

3:30pm: Brainstorming Session

Co-Chair Matt McKirahan formally called the meeting to order; Matt then began the brainstorming session with the call for ideas from attending members. The following list of ideas for professional development opportunities was compiled:

  • Scholarship funding to assist w/purchase of books/school supplies
  • Scholarship funding towards non-UNC professional development opportunities (e.g. workshops; webinars, certifications, etc.)
  • Scholarship funding towards UNC courses (above & beyond Tuition Waiver benefits)
  • Device Discounts through UNC (sliding scale)
  • Host vendors in the Pit (showcasing resources currently available for employees on campus)
  • Workshops on Work/Life Balance – life issues topics
  • Design courses for employees in conjunction with HR
  • Speaker series/networking opportunities – lunch and learn events

With further discussion and fleshing out, the list was distilled to ideas that will be the most effective for employees, and the most efficient use of funding. The revised list follows:

  • Scholarship Opportunities (first three on original listing combined)
  • HR/Forum-designed class series
  • Speaker series/Lunch & Learn

Free or Low Cost Options:

  • Advertising current device discounts
  • Hosting vendors in the Pit (free)
  • Workshops on work/life balance; life issues
  • Calendar of Events

Discussions were concluded, and meeting was adjourned at 4:15pm.


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