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University of North Carolina

Employee Forum

Memberships and Assignments Committee


Committee Chair: Paula Goodman

Report Prepared by:

Paula Goodman

Last Meeting Date:


Delegates in Attendance

Charles Streeter, Paula Goodman, James Holman, Karen Cheek, Jackie Copeland, Aluoch Ooro

Next Meeting Date:           TBD

Key Points


  1. Discuss plans for Chancellor’s visit in November
  2. Food Drive for November
  3. Electronic Voting
  4. December Event
    1. For the November meeting, Charles said we would simply buy small food items (donuts, etc.) since we did not purchase anything for the September meeting.
    2. We basically decided against the idea of having boxes of food at various places around campus since it was brought to my attention that there have been problems in the past with people taking food out of the boxes. There is the idea of maybe doing something at a ball game but will keep discussing
    3. The consensus was to still provide both paper and electronic voting. Still discussing. Some employees just do not have access to computers nor do they remember their sign ons.
    4. Looking to do possible raffled items, will be a potluck event. More to be discussed.

Recommendations and Rationale



We have a budget to be used and would like to do something for our delegates and guests.




Food drive is still an option but it is the logistics that might be difficult. Still working on this.



















Committee will begin working on raffle items, and hope to have some nice prizes to add to the event.

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