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Proclamation 2015-01 Concerning Outsourcing

October 7, 2015

WHEREAS, it is the role of the Employee Forum to serve as an advisory body regarding matters related to the Employees of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and;

WHEREAS, in order to be diligent in that role the Employee Forum must investigate and receive accurate and timely information from various units within the University to perform said role and;

WHEREAS, we have not been made aware of any report stating that a specific unit within the University is not performing adequately and proving to be a negative financial burden and;

WHEREAS, a previous resolution by this body in 1996, Resolution 96-02 stated criteria for privatization:

  1. Privatization must be based on clearly defined goals including quality and cost-effectiveness …. How best to handle or deliver a service must be based on the specific conditions and values served by each program, including both tangible and intangible aspects.
  2. Privatization must be based on a long-term perspective rather than focused on short-term gains. Consideration must be given to the organizational knowledge that long-term Employees bring to the University’s core educational functions.
  3. Privatization must include adequate monitoring and auditing provisions.
  4. Decisions on privatization must take into consideration not only the impact on the University but also the impact on Employees affected and the public at large. The decision-making process must be open and should include wide participation from the University community. Decisions must remain open to influence by the University community and support values espoused by that community.

AND WHEREAS, all of the conditions mentioned above have not been thoroughly met;

BE IT PROCLAIMED the Employee Forum cannot support the decision to outsource based on the above criteria.