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University Day Remarks

by Shayna Hill

Chair of the Employee Forum

October 12, 2017

My name is Shayna Burke Hill and I am the Chair of the UNC Employee Forum, and I am a homegrown Tar Heel.

Growing up in Chapel Hill meant field trips to wonder at the beauty of plants at the Botanical Garden, to reach for the stars at Morehead Planetarium and to experience the joys of music right here in Memorial Hall.

I learned to swim at the Bowman Gray Pool, and I sat quietly in the back of Peabody as my mother attended night classes to earn her PhD.

As an undergrad I jokingly told freshmen that Chapel was my great grandfather.  Today, I hold two degrees from Carolina.

My life has been enriched and my heart has been touched by the many UNC employees, whose efforts helped make those experiences possible.

Now, years later, I am here on their behalf.

We are administrative specialists, groundskeepers, front desk clerks, accountants, executive assistants, dental assistants, and parking control officers.

Most of us will serve this great university without much notice.

We will not be published and buildings will not be named after us.

When history blinks, we will be, all but forgotten.

Despite this, through our tireless efforts, we support day-in and day-out, as the official poem of the Employee Forum beautifully states, “behind you, before you, beside you, with you.”  And as we serve, we are enriching lives and touching hearts.

The 17th century, philosopher Blaise Pascal said it best, “The strength of a person’s virtue should not be measured by their special exertions, but by their habitual acts.”

Please join me in showing heartfelt gratitude to all those who offer their faithful service as UNC employees.