February 2016

Photo of staff clearing ice from sidewalk.

Employee Forum thanks mandatory employees for clearing campus

 During last week's adverse weather, mandatory employees still had to report to work in order to clear roads, tend to buildings and treat sidewalks to ensure our safety. It is due to their efforts that non-mandatory employees, faculty and students can resume their work on campus. The Employee Forum expresses enormous gratitude to all of those who reported to campus and worked to get the University running on a normal schedule.

Forum meets February 3; all staff invited to attend

This month, the Forum will hear presentations from Joel Curran, vice chancellor of communications and public affairs, and Natalie Vizuete, director of social media, as well as Professor Tanya Shields, president of the Association of Women Faculty and Professionals. All staff are invited to attend with the permission of their supervisor. Click here for the complete agenda.

Family of injured UNC staff member raising funds for medical costs

On Wednesday, January 20, a power outage affected a number of central buildings on the north side of campus. The university reported that a staff member was severely injured while trying to fix the issue.

Gaylan Bishop, head of the electric distribution services group in Energy Services, was electrocuted and severely burned while assessing the power issue. He will be in the UNC Hospitals for many months. His family has set up a "Go Fund Me" page for him, and at this time they feel it is the best way to contribute. They are extremely touched by the support from the community. You can read more and offer some support if you can at 

Editor's note: Thank you to Rachel Clemens and staff in SILS for circulating this information.

Ives provides update on Student Stores RFP process

The University issued a “Request for Proposals,” or RFP, on January 11, 2016, to invite outside companies to submit proposals for management of the operations of UNC Student Stores under a time-limited arrangement with the University.  Responses to the RFP are due on February 18.  Respondents will have the …

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Daily Tar Heel editorial board supports open RFP process

The Daily Tar Heel editorial board has published an editorial requesting that the RFP process, including the review of bids, be an open process:

"Our community has worked hard to magnify the voices of Student Stores workers and supporters who are deeply concerned by the potential privatization. And these voices should not be lost in the shuffle of committee decision-making; we hope and expect that the reasoned arguments coming from the campaign to save student stores will be heeded in the administration’s examination of the proposals."

The Employee Forum thanks the editorial board for their support, and we will continue to advocate on behalf of the Student Stores staff who may be impacted by the potential outsourcing of the Stores.

Read the complete editorial here.

Career corner: How to develop critical habits of mind and practice

Have you ever wondered how associations and factors beyond your awareness influence your good intentions in the workplace? Researchers exploring this question offer the concept of implicit social cognition as one answer to this question. …

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Forum events

Dante Peace to speak about his nephew, the subject of 'The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace'

We invite UNC staff to join the Employee Forum book club on February 25, 2016 from 12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.mm at Bulls Head Book Shop. We will discuss The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace by Jeff Hobbs. Lunch will be provided by the Employee Forum with registration. Dante Peace, Robert Peace's uncle, will attend and participate in the book discussion. He …

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Join us for Twitter Basics

Twitter Basics is an one-hour workshop to introduce you to Twitter, create an account, Tweet, get followers and be a part of the conversation on social media. This seminar for UNC staff will provide an opportunity to learn more about using Twitter for your own personal or professional interests. This one-hour workshop will introduce you to Twitter, how to create …

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Careers in Higher Ed Mini-Conference

The Careers in Higher Education Administration Mini-Conference will take place on Tuesday, March 22nd, 10am-1pm, in the Carolina Union. The Employee Forum’s Education and Career Development Committee (ECDC) invites staff members and students interested in careers on campus to come together for a streamlined set of learning and networking opportunities. Our agenda will include two panel sessions, one on Professional Paths in Higher …

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Join us for Social Media Basics

The Employee Forum invites staff to register for Social Media Basics: Personal and Professional Best Practices. This crash course, one-hour workshop will help you understand and navigate the top social media platforms--from basic use and jargon, appropriate use of each channel, understanding what to share and where, to how to control your online digital presence in your professional and personal …

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Waste-free mail program to begin February 1

In an effort to reduce mail waste the University shall require a method for commercial mailing companies who send mass-produced commercial mail to the University to certify their mailing list in the following manner: remove people from mailing lists who are no longer at the University; correct undeliverable as addressed mail pieces; remove unwanted mailing pieces; and identify those individuals who prefer digital instead of printed delivery. Beginning February 1, 2016, the University shall require commercial mailing companies to cease delivery of all mass-produced mail from a non-certified list. To find out more about the new policy, click here.

State Health Plan members may enroll in identity protection services

All eligible Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina members now have access to AllClear Identity Repair for free and the option to enroll in AllClear Credit Monitoring for an extra cost.
As part of the free service, if you become a victim of identity theft a dedicated investigator from AllClear ID will act as your guide and advocate from start to finish by initiating the dispute process, and ensuring that your identity returns to its pre-fraud state. Click here for more information.

Campus Rec offers staff one-week trial membership

Campus Recreation would like to extend an invitation to participate in a FREE one (1) week trial membership. This trial membership is only available to permanent employees of the University. It is not available to family members or UNC hospital employees. Contact Reggie Hinton at athinton@email.unc.edu if you are interested. 

Carolina Community Garden hosts 'Get Ready for Spring: A Vegetable Gardening Workshop'

On February 21, the Carolina Campus Community Garden will host a workshop that covers what vegetables to plant for a spring garden; when to start planting; how to grow your own vegetable seedlings; tips on protecting plants from freezing; and how to get a large harvest from a small space. For more information, click here.  Please note that this event is currently wait listed.

Ackland installation features art reflecting debates about race, violence and representation

This special installation on the Ackland's second floor presents prints, paintings, drawings, photographs, and sculptures that address pressing debates reverberating across the nation in the last few years. It focuses on three interrelated themes: representations of racial violence, resilience, and the role of religious faith as both a justification for violence and a source of resistance. The installation will run through February 21.

Nominations open for C. Knox Massey Awards

Nominations for the 2016 C. Knox Massey Distinguished Service Awards are due Feb. 5, 2016. Chancellor Carol Folt will recognize six recipients for “unusual, meritorious or superior contribution made by an employee, past or present” and the honor includes an award of $7,500. Nominations can be submitted at http://www.unc.edu/masseyawards/nominate/

Staff invited to participate in Autism Speaks golf tournament

The Autism Speaks chapters at the University of North Carolina and Duke University have come together to bring you the first annual Autism Speaks University Golf tournament. At Autism Speaks, our goal is to change the future for all who struggle with an autism spectrum disorder. We are dedicated to funding global biomedical research into the causes, prevention, treatments and a
possible cure for autism. 100% of the net proceeds will benefit the Autism Speaks national organization. Click here for more information.


Other events of interest

 Register for the following through the ConnectCarolina "Self Service" training enrollment portal:

• 2/01/2016: I-9 Policy CBT

• 2/01/2016: I-9 Procedure CBT

• 2/01/2016: SPA Orientation

• 2/02/2016: Fund. Communication Skills

• 2/08/2016: SPA Orientation

• 2/09/2016: Business Writing Essentials

• 2/09/2016: Interview Skills: Supervisors

• 2/10/2016: Customer Service Skills

• 2/15/2016: EPA Non-Faculty Orientation

• 2/15/2016: SPA Orientation

• 2/16/2016: LawLogix I-9 Training

• 2/17/2016: Records Management 101

• 2/22/2016: SPA Orientation

• 2/23/2016: Valuable Presentation Skills

• 2/24/2016: Effective Decision Making

• 2/25/2016: Conv. Circle: Opening doors

Also check the Carolina Campus Community Garden website for workdays and the ConnectCarolina training calendar.


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