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  • Resolution 21-05, Now Jointly Approved by the University’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council
    • Resolution 21-05 Regarding Acknowledgment and Coding of Inclusive Religious and Reflective Holidays
  • Resolution 21-04 Calling for the Elimination of the “20 Percent Rule”
  • Resolution 21-02 Honoring Shayna Hill
  • Resolution 21-01 Regarding Combined Impacts of the Suspension on HR Actions and the University’s Acute Budgetary Challenges on Compensation Equity and Career Progression


  • Resolution 20-04, Honoring Laurie Mesibov
  • Resolution 20-03, Regarding Spread of COVID-19 and the Effect of Leave Policy (Approved Version)
  • Resolution 20-02, Regarding the Need to Explore Other Options Before Impacting Staff Income
  • Resolution 20-01, Regarding the Board of Trustees’ Vote to Remove Building Names that Honor Individuals Tied to White Supremacy and Racism










  • Resolution 11-03 Concerning the Personnel Flexibility Proposal within Senate Bill 575 and Advocating Retention of Rights Outlined in NC General Statute 126
  • Resolution 11-02 Concerning Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault
  • Resolution 11-01 Concerning the Promotion of Fair and Equitable Human Resources Policies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


  • Resolution 10-01 in Support of Employee Forum Recommended Changes to the SPA Grievance Procedure at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


  • Resolution 09-03 Concerning Reductions in Force as a Consequence of Budget Reductions at UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Resolution 09-02 Concerning Repeal of an Ordinance by the Department of Public Safety at UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Resolution 09-01 Concerning Implementation of Employee Furloughs as a Human Resources Tool to Offset Budget Reductions at UNC Chapel Hill


  • Resolution 08-06 Concerning Staff Priorities in the Next Development Campaign at UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Resolution 08-05 Concerning the Adverse Effects of the Increased Cost of Gas
  • Resolution 08-04 Concerning Compensation for State Employees of the University of North Carolina
  • Resolution 08-03 Concerning the Proposal to Amend the State Personnel Act by adding “Article 16”
  • Resolution 08-02 Concerning Domestic Violence in the Workplace, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault
  • Resolution 08-01 Concerning Outsourcing Policies


  • Resolution 07-11 Concerning Electronic Pay Stubs
  • Resolution 07-10 On Censorship at UNC-Chapel Hill
    • Chancellor Moeser’s response to Resolution 07-10
  • Resolution 07-09 Concerning the Adverse Effects of the Increased Cost of Gas
    • Chancellor Moeser’s response to Resolution 07-09 (pdf)
  • Resolution 07-08 Concerning a Smoke Free Policy for UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Resolution 07-07 Regarding President Bowles’ Task Force to Identify Possible Modifications to the State Personnel Act
  • Resolution 07-05 Concerning Salary Increases for State Employees
    • Chancellor Moeser’s response to Resolutions 07-02, 07-06 (pdf)
  • Resolution 07-06 Concerning General Administration’s Committee for a New Human Resources System Design
  • Resolution 07-02 Concerning the Possible Removal of SPA Employees at the University from the State Personnel Act
    • Chancellor Moeser’s Response to Resolutions 07-01, 07-03, 07-04 (pdf)
  • Resolution 07-04 Supporting Acceptance by the Carolina First Committee Board of Trustees of the Proposal to Provide Free Tuition for Children of UNC Faculty and Staff
  • Resolution 07-03 Honoring John Heuer, Construction Renovation Design Technician and 2000 Forum Chair, Upon His Retirement
  • Resolution 07-01 Concerning the Open Enrollment Health Care Benefits Period for State of North Carolina Employees


  • Resolution 06-11 Concerning the Elimination and Outsourcing of Dental School SPA Employee Technician Positions
  • Resolution 06-10 Concerning Renewal of the Chapel Hill Chapter of the American Association of University Professors
  • Resolution 06-09 Concerning Use of Staff Development Fund to Pay for Work-Related Conference and Registration Fees
  • Resolution 06-08 Concerning the Comprehensive Compensation System for State Employees
  • Resolution 06-07 Concerning Repeal of North Carolina General Statute 95-98
  • Resolution 06-06 Welcoming Bernadette Gray-Little Upon Her Assumption of the Office of Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
  • Resolution 06-05 Concerning the Employee Forum Supporting Implementation of a Clerical Skills Internship Program
  • Resolution 06-04 Concerning Implementation of a Textbook Assistance Program for UNC-Chapel Hill Employees
  • Resolution 06-03 Concerning Expansion of Educational Assistance Opportunities for UNC-Chapel Hill Employees
  • Resolution 06-02 Concerning the Implementation of Flexible Work Schedules
  • Resolution 06-01 Concerning Salary Increases for State Employees












  • Resolution 95-04 Concerning Recognition of Individuals Who Fought the Flood of August 27, 1995
  • Resolution 95-03 Honoring Chancellor Hardin
  • Resolution 95-02 Supporting Administrative Efforts to Secure Fiscal Support from the Legislature
  • Resolution 95-01 Concerning Full Implementation of Office of State Personnel Pay Improvement Guidelines